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I hope this can be switched back to Google... Seriously, I do NOT want to use Microsoft's stuff. Apple, please. Really.
Meh, they can't, CCP would sue them...
You're sure to win.    I love an uneven fight, when I win.
I am waiting for comments here. Pretty sure people will have interesting stuff to add. (And yeah, I'm commenting here mainly so that the AppleInsider reminder-emai reminds me there is that article when comments get added ).
In other news, America orders Apple to immediately start giving out free iPads to everyone not owning any. What the bloody hell, you can just "imagine" news now? France did not order Apple to do anything. SACEM, which is the French equivalent of RIAA, did. If RIAA (or the pro-gun movement, or any kind of non-government thingie) decides to demand something, it doesn't mean the country did it, what kind of "journalism" is this?
Is iPhone that much slower to do what you need? Apple, step your game up! /s Edit: beaten to that particular joke... damned. @solipsismx: they might actually be right there. My boss dictates everything on his S4, while I type and the autocorrect on iPhone.... annoys me.
Not healthy for LG, that's for sure...
"absorbed by the company as basic operating costs." ---> and if that's never adde to prouct cost, it is paid for by... whom? Yeah, very true. Apple is known to never outdate anything and always provide technologies they provided at one point. They also always do what they said they would (hi, Open Facetime...). Oh, wait.       It's not how you price a product, you know? You price a product based on "how much can I at most demand". Or you're not doing a good job :D Ah, we...
I think people ( particularly developers who got Google Maps jerked out of their hands and replaced with something pretty unusable ) were more annoyed by the fact Apple suddenly removed GMaps, than by the fact they provided Apple Maps. Change Management, Expectations Management. Apple's good at the second, but horrible at the first, apparently.
New Posts  All Forums: