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What's the problem with being smug? It's fun, and won't hurt as much as a cigarette.
I know I'm going to be flamed, but these things are horrible. Either they're plain fakes, Apple's very own and successful маскировка, or Apple is throwing down the drain decades of great engineering and design to cater to "the chinese market" in a very Samsung way. I cannot believe the latter.
I think it looks slightly better in black - gold, but if I had to design one with gold, I'd use rose gold/yellow gold as a contrast, which I guess is your point, right?
That sounds very Napoleonian...
Apple needs to offer a scalable screen. Pull on the side and it grows, press your thumb to the top and it gets smaller.
Sure, you CAN apply "common sense" to go around issues. I'd rather not have the issue. Would you say Android is secure because common sense avoids viruses? Would you say police is useless because common sense avoids theft? I understand some people may answer positively to all three questions, of course. It is great that they can do so, in a free society.
AAAAAAAND that's why I said yesterday that "Apple has cash for 20 years of operation" willnever survive the reality of analysts/'investors'...
Yes I know, but isn't the best time to be free from outside influence the time where you rock, rather than when you're dying anyway? No pressure to launch a cheap iPhone, an iWatch, an iTV, an iWhatever, just what you THINK you should make?
New Posts  All Forums: