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1) Starting last OS, you need to know how to ctr+click to install "any browser you wish". That rules my family out. The point of choice seems to escape Apple fanboys, and this is seriously scary. Though it does feel like all Microsoft fanboys bought-in Apple fanboyism these days.   2)The whole point of a browser with the same engine, to be honest, escapes me. What I've seen is "browsers" that actually display information "browsed" on a server (Opera, if I'm not...
Dear johnnash, thank you for speaking for me. That was generous of you to try to avoid me the effort.  Please make sure you understand my wishes properly next time though.   Ok.  Thanks,  another iPhone User who doesn't agree with you.
I missed the stupidity of that comment.    You do realize that what is "dumb and lazy" is precisely to "use Webkit"? The guys at Mozilla have their own rendering engine, which is far from easy to achieve, given the fact that multi-billion Microsoft never really succeeded, or that Apple had to "borrow" KDE's engine for Webkit.   So maybe, put your foot in your mouth?
http://orsto.com --> that's a smartwatch. Everything else is a phone wrist companion, at best.
I don't like the new UI, but I've seen a few people running it already who are very happy with it. Personal preference, I guess.
I kind of don't care. 1- Facetime still freezes after 5 minutes to my Mom's iMac from whatever else (Snow Leopard contre iPad/iPad Mini/iPhone 4/iPhone 5/Mountain Lion/Lion). Thread at Apple Forums is long like (insert supermodel's name)'s legs. Apple no does anything. 2- Facetime is an open standard. Oh, wait, no it never became the open standard Steve promised. I'll admit to my shame that 1 is much more important than 2 to me ^^'
I hope this can be switched back to Google... Seriously, I do NOT want to use Microsoft's stuff. Apple, please. Really.
Meh, they can't, CCP would sue them...
You're sure to win.    I love an uneven fight, when I win.
I am waiting for comments here. Pretty sure people will have interesting stuff to add. (And yeah, I'm commenting here mainly so that the AppleInsider reminder-emai reminds me there is that article when comments get added ).
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