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Exactly this. The whole article bases itself on two assumptions:- there are no other exceedingly bad bugs allowing injection in Apple's code, hence OSS is a worse method than closed source- the fact Heartbleed is the worse bug of the two is not purely luckIt appears to me, both statements are unlikely to be true.-
Running an iPhone4. Enough said.
3GS, 4S.Your turn.
Ass size, seating statistics, core move patterns and the revolutionary coccyx-safety control which calls 911 if you break the bone.
Kuo does a good job.Just because most X are bad does not make all Xs bad.
Who cares. Does not run Windows 8.
What a broken system where companies get to choose who is an adequate jury. Feels like W40K, deployment phase... Also, the jury who spent valuable months jurying for trial 1 must feel they lost a bit of their life for no reason, with another trial going on..
A iPod Touch with phone capability is an iPhone, by definition.A larger iPod Touch with phone capability is a Phablet iPhone, by definition. I don't think "with phone capability" fits here.
Could be a Windows machine at a workstation in a chinese plant. Ive doesn't do ALL the manufacturing alone, I hear. I call BS on this, or at least iPod Touch, but not because of XP. Also... MS is the worst D&D player in the world, so many years spent farming XP only to gain a useless level in Vista. Sad.
New Posts  All Forums: