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I have to agree with him. When I was a student, tuition and housing and food were on my buy list. A cheap windows machine also was, which soon was a dual boot Linux machine. A Mac would have been had I had the money or the experience (over the years of studies, early investment in a Mac would have been a better bet).Definitely, expensive sound systems weren't on the radar. People who can't see that this is true for most students live in a rarefied sphere of inherited...
Well said ;)
Except that it doesn't work.  If it were true, the banks would just put an EULA "you confirm you aren't stealing money off someone's account" on their terminals, instead of securing them.
Most importantly, Apple & others could be held liable for NOT securing their platforms enough, enabling terrorists's spying and hijacking networks for their own benefit.  Does the DoJ really believe that the enemy has no mathematician and no computer geek? Obviously, they're not that stupid. Therefore... FUD.
That might be the case. I'm much more excited by the new iPhone than the old FuelBand anyway :)
First, I have "been following along". I know what iTunes Connect means, and Swift/Objective-C are close friends, just to give you an idea. As to "a lot fo their software developers", you're deluded if you think that the average small-time company gets the same amount of support as a major partner such as Nike. I however don't think this has anything to do with the question at hand... Second, you might want to check this...
I might be very wrong, but from my understanding you're wrong on two things here. 1- Apple cooperated with Nike on the creation of that device2- Apple communicated on that, giving the general public the idea that it was better than it really was In any case, I don't care. I did not get a fuelband, this thing felt like a gimmick, and I had already been burned by the Apple Nike+ sensor which blowed. I'm much more happy with my Watch.
Wow, that's a bad site. The text is ridiculous, and even the design is seriously un-Apple. Did they hire a Samsung design team?
I think he meant "as opposed to assassinating people or invading countries".Also, @digitalclips, Europe wants to buy a democracy for America, and the Middle East would like to use their oilmoney to put an Islamic Republic in Washington.In other words, a world where countries interfere with others' governments without due cause (stopping crimes against humanity or responding to an aggression) is not really a world you want.
But isn't Apple's model based on offering great software-hardware integration by making both?
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