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@theothergeoff Ai quoted their forums in the article about iWork...
There might be a need for some kind of "outdating" of tax laws every 50 years ;)
Actually, it's the simultaneous example of ultra-liberal governments like the previous ones, and bought-out unions. While I don't massively agree with the way the current government is behaving, it would be extremely stupid to blame it for the ills of the previous ones. Did I mention that the Commission that set up that particular law was headed by the wife of the President of the FNAC, one of the biggest retailers of music in France? Let's not forget that the wife of the...
Which is totally legal, Schengen space allowing. Note that the best country is Luxembourg, for that; Look at the price of an iDevice and you'll get my meaning.
@reroll : sadly, correct. @tallest skil :extremely inclusive. Part of the problem comes from the way the SACEM (copy-paste with French twist of that ugly American idea, RIAA) works, which is mainly via an overpaid board that after paying itself, serves the majors, and then gives the crumbs to the indies. If SACEM was, as it should, a government body, things would works better. I expect that as an American, you can't understand the benefits of government over private...
I'm still too poor to afford Apple stock, so I don't care. I'm capable of buying RiM stock but no, thanks.
Now, that's one interesting theory. You'll have to admit though that Surface owners are cooler looking with their ability to breakdance.
So does DST.
Actually, a "time" is just a convention that society has agreed on. It's not necessarily related to anything logical or physical (even though, it helps if it is). Therefore, yes, it shows humans as sapient, since they can agree to a common referential.
@skippingrock : or maybe you misunderstand the nature of the planet. Let me give you a hint: if it's got 50 states and 16 territories, it's not "The Earth".
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