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And if you are unlucky, like the Greeks, your retirement investments will be used by Chinese Megabanks to repay the U.S. debt. The beauty of capitalist and liberal systems is that when it rolls for you, you can claim it was all your good planning. The problem is that nobody can plan 20 years ahead, as every Greek taxpayer who paid retirement taxes (that are now being used to pay Greek debt back) can tell you.If you can't tell, I believe in a socialist system that doesn't...
Well, that's more like it. Kudos to Apple for not being insane (everyone can make a mistake, only idiots persist...). Kudos to the developer for standing their ground even though it hurt their baseline way more than Apple's
Hmm hmmm. Sure. Whatever. Totally what you said.
That's... also bizarre. You don't need to be black or jewish to be racist. Why would you need to be closeted to be homophobic?
Well, since you ask so nicely, what do you mean by "intolerant towards historic accuracy and context"?I wasn't aware that accuracy could feel discrimination? (I believe you either meant revisionist or respectful?)
I do find two things quite annoying.First, I keep reading "white privilege", like if being an Irish or an Italian was easy back in the 30s, 50s or even 70s. That's no "200 years".  Italians and Irish are now considered "white", when they weren't a few decades ago. WASP-privilege is much more accurate.Second, I may be wrong, but I feel it's less a matter of white privilege than "colored-discrimination". There are more than enough "poor white" that suffer the same situation...
Well, Apple sure doesn't like porn :pHowever, intolerance because they promote minorities is a very weird point to make. Are you sure you know what intolerance means?
I've read the exact opposite, including from governmental sources. I'm perplexed by your affirmation. I'd kind of feel inclined to ask if your information comes from a website that also disproves climate change and demonstrates that the Twin Towers were remote detonated...
OK, I stand corrected then. I do have (as an atheist) different opinions about Faith than yours, but I misjudged your point, and I apologise for that.
Nice idea. I hope to see Ba'aism, Islam and Russian Orthodoxy well featured indeed. /s Sarcasm aside, I don't see how featuring powerful majorities like religious followers would do anything to help minorities. It's not like, in the USA, religion doesn't have a disproportionate effect on politics. Isn't it the country of Britney "no sex before marriage" Spears, again? Or Sarah Palin's? The country that mainly supports Israel out of the political power of Christian...
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