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Wonder why nobody's yet said "eeek, ugly evil bad Koreans"
What a joke. So they drove the price down and are now driving it back up. Any analyst who spoke in ill of Apple and now says the opposite should be put behind bars.
Apple is Doomed (TM)
Who cares? Atari made the only computers worth mentioning anyway!   I'm so tired of everyone thinking Apple's innovative...
No, wrong analogy. Example: two thefts in 2011, all left handed, one in 2012, right handed. Without the left handed thefts, there is an increase in thefts.
Great, you just made her a target ^^
Or a small tactical nuke, maybe? Don't have your Bluetooth ring next to it, countdown starts... after two hours it goes nuclear.
I don't think Apple can do much about this wihout violating some pretty important freedoms... Besides, why should Apple do the job of the police force? You can go to the Police and say "hey, look, my Apple hardware is here right on apple maps" and they'll gladly ignore it.
@drblank : some iterations of Intel hardware haven't exactly been doing that, imho.
Ming CHi Kuo should not be called an analyst. He's too competent for that name ^^
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