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Definitely.   Apple needs to give some love to the Mac Pro (because I want to get one), push out the lighter and thinner iPad 5, announce the Retina Mini... but when, is pretty much their choice, and people will buy as many as Apple puts for sale.
Orange is in the telecom business :p http://shop.orange.co.uk/mobile-phones/iPhone-5-16GB-black
Sounds like a plan, then the kid can get other girls knocked-up, send them work at Mcdonalds and live off the profits... /s
1- "The market is always right". It doesn't mean that the market value of a given stock is correct, it means that if the stock plummets, you're better off selling while it's flling and buying back before it goes back up. Good luck guessing. 2- The market, quite obviously, is manipulated by huge players with massive advantages. Unless you're investing over long periods of time (years), you're not playing in a level field. 3- The market suffers from regulation that makes...
People are selling their Mini to Apple?
Did I ever mention that in the exact same situation as you, I have the opposite conclusion?
I think Gabe has the picture nailed down perfectly. That's exactly my analysis, and I'm pretty sure I'm not happy with it. On the other hand, I have quite a few Steam games I can only play when connected to the Internet, so I choose to understand what he says exactly true to his word, as an analysis from his company's point of view, not from a FOSS guy's point of view. Steam is not a white knight in shining armor, and neither is Apple. Whichever baron takes control of the...
Soon, any app that has an access to the web will be "17+". Bigotry has new days of glory ahead...  The fact that Google does it too shows that it's not Apple being evil, it's society being focused on the wrong (in my opinion) issues. I remember reading somewhere on thos forum "over a million gun-related deaths over 30 years in the US". That, to me, seems like a very good reason to ban gun-related imagery from any app WAY BEFORE removing sex-related imagery.
I don't see how this could ever be a valid point.   Case A: User really wants item and pays whatever the company asks for it Case B: User actually doesn't really want the item and doesn't pay. User doesn't get to complain that he did not get the item for less   No other case possible.   Also, User can buy outdated old model from hipster (I remember reading a thread here that only hipsters buy the 17'' anyway). If hipster did not sell it already to get a Surface Pro rMBP.
You... you... _rich man_! You must be a lawyer, or maybe a surgeon.
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