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Don't worry, they're now extinct :D
Actually, not only anchor stores... I got a friend who owns/operates a small art gallery in a well-known building, and she ends up working ridiculous hours, with her family chipping hours in for free, because her business cannot make enough to pay for an employee, but she has to operate as long as the building's open...
Those scumbag French courts in Australia! /s
Analyst during the compilation phases :p
Apple must deliver a low cost iPhone while maintaining high margins?   One solution would be to convince everyone to buy iPhone Classic, like it's 2007 again?
In my opinion, if there are no big-size iPhones out by next year, it means one of two things: - Apple failed, it should be a penny stock - Apple is being "extra-secretive", and doesn't even show its best products to the prying eyes of customers. Wouldn't be secret anymore. /s
Hmmm wait. Can they unilateraly change terms and conditions without you insta-cancelling your subscription in the US? Real question from a European who knows that a major provider who tries this here loses millions ^^
I don't have the cash to pay for that... and I refuse to Google-Translate, it looks lame. /me buys 50 "learn a language in three weeks" books for everyone in company. Let's do this, boyz and girlz
The multiplicity of Stores is also quite annoying, for anyone who moves regularly around the globe... and we are many.
@robm long, actually. Maybe you should learn from it? @nasserae yes, a GOVERNMENT complaining about COMPANIES making regulations. Makes sense, you see. @slurpy agreed, sort of. @tallest skil reaaaally? If there is a small issue, just drop a company's products nationwide? You kidding? Apple could just stop implementing rules overnight and retro-imposing them, but just impose them on NEW apps, then it would be fair. She made the important points: France is the second...
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