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Sounds very much like "rent this iTunes track for a month". I no likes it.
I don't know what to think... 1- Is it monopoly? 2- Is it good, or bad, for end users? 3- Is it fair that a business model that was OK suddenly becomes reason to remove an app that worked just fine and you invested lots, and Apple **_validated_**? What's the point of that vaunted "curation" then? Sounds like something Microsoft would do? 4- I used the App Store to look for my own apps. It took me three days before it even would show up in search (even though direct link...
Codeine and being nice to an injured agent is said to work too.   Well, I also understood "agent" means allies and "spy" means ennemies... so I guess it's "an injured spy" :p
Wait wait wait. is that an article on the fact that a multibillion dollar company hired an engineer? Next week on AppleInsider, "Beijing's Apple Store hires new employee, clearly proving the company's focus on Greater China. This level of dedication to its customers has never been reached by any other company than the "Think different" awesome Apple. Android sucks, by the way. An article by DED." Or am I just a bit too harsh?
Looks ugly...
Or maybe IP law is more complicated than what you make it sound? You know, like, we're actually not living in a Mickey Mouse world with bad guys, good guys, and Chuck Norris?
iMac's advertisement. Next question?
DED piece, won't read. Knew by the title. Also, all my friends went for the Nexus 4, and this includes die-hard Apple fanboys, which is seriously scary to me, given I've invested my career into Apple's iPhoe/iPad market (for now...)
@danv2 : actually, the French need to go back to doing things the French way, which is efficient, instead of trying to be a pale copy of the inefficient American system (you know, biggest debt in the world?) Poor governance is killing France? Really? Apart from that, whatever Richard says is purely his opinion, and even if true, well the iPhone will be a status symbol again instead of being that phone that every teenage girl carries
New Posts  All Forums: