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Can you actually in any way influence that? I'd be ready to pay a little more (not upto 50% more, though) to get not-assembled-in-China stuff.
1- Where the hell is the text from the quote gone. AppleInsider, your quote feature sucks. 2- "Now are product choices are low end and crazy high end. Very disappointing."   _Really._   Low end: Mini. Medium range: 21 iMac, lowest 27 iMac High range: maxed out iMac (3300€, that's starting to be serious money, you can buy a few camels for that price and start your own visit-the-egyptian-temples business for that money. Or something else.) Very high-range: Maxed out...
1_ I disagree. 2- You work at C|net?
4. The left article is a MBA hit.
That's actually wise. Even on the MBA, pulling from a 100% flash disk can feel slow (but it might be Mountain Lion that sucks). Switching from Office to Photoshop to XCode to Firefox to Excel to Eclipse -- possibly to EVE if I feel so inclined -- yes, I do that routinely) can feel annoyingly slow.
Amazing screen cap. Shows the clear editorial independance of C|net. I mean, who else has dared shake the Apple theocracy and tell the truth on the iPhone 5, the iPad, the iMac and warned that MBA isn't up the Lenovo's ultrabook?     Ahemf.
Samsung believes.   I got artist colleagues using iPad and Nexus tablets to draw. They're happy and they're productive, though they're more productive with the Cintiq... I don't agree with people bashing the tablets for not having a stylus. Too many artists achieve breathtaking results without the need for a stylus to not disprove that claim.   Quote: Ach, das is vhy cherman enchineers should not design ztylus.   Sorry, could not help picture a...
You haven't been told? Apple is going to push out:   - iPhone Math (that one obviously is used to compute the other models' differences) - iPhone Mini - iPhone Nano - iPhone CoffeeMachine - iPhone Standard Edition - iPhone Ultimate - iPhone Enterprise Edition   All of these, of course, in 6 capacities (16, 32, 64, 128, 37.5 and 72.8 GB), and 6 colors (Opale Yellow, Argile Green, Sky Blue, Product (Red), Ghay Pink, Philboogie Oranje), which will at last bring Apple's...
I have, but that was to stab someone, does it count?
Sounds like a great plan.   Since all other Smash-sung tablets are doing so well and obviously crushing that iPad piece of crap, let's spend a few more millions and make yet another award winning tablet.   /s
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