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Let the man be... he just wants cheezburger.
My MBA, and one of my girl friends who just got one [because it's cute and light and much better quality than the HP she bought without asking me my opinion, foolish one!] both want to confirm this. Also, she got the smallest capacity MBA. She's gonna regret that.
You're ridiculously mistaken. Apple will wait until your retractation delay has ended!
You wanna start a war with TS on Apple Naming? BTW, I wonder when they will announce iPhone 5?
Hah, thanks for reminding me. I was looking for the Stedelijk Museum sunday. Apple Maps actually places two markers for it, both wrong. I mean, fine. It's just a major tourist point.   Admittedly, they're not very far off, but  it was cold and windy, and I slipped badly on ice due to following the directions of Maps which tremendously annoyed me. yeah, I know, I could have asked around, but what's the point of carrying a mapping software then? So, I'm not exactly...
Looks like a construction site.
Ugly building...
Companies do force you to use MS software. Try justifying to your boss that you broke the Excel sheet/Docx formatting because "Libreoffice". And small companies don't actually pay for your software. Sometimes, you even buy your own hardware...
Can I have a title? Please please?   I'd like "Chasing Shadows": I'm Lightknight, I'm a self-professed fool, and this.   Thanks :D  
Make one, Apple makes that dead easy. Really.   Install XCode. Create project. Build interface in interface builder. Fill up PList with quotes. Link PList to interface. Push to Appstore.
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