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@tallest skill : I use a mophie juicepack currently. Also, going to an Apple store and looking at demo iPhones... nah, not getting one and carrying it caseless. Too many scratches in a secred environment like a store to survive my pockets.
Talking about that, latest update on my iPhone has caused an irritating behavior that Wifi only runs if I'm actively using the phone. Makes receiving email an annoying process, instead of having a "ding" sound to warn me, I now have to go and check myself... Any idea if it's a bug (hence, just wait for solve), or a feature (hence, complain, pray, or buy SamsungWhateverphone)...
611 comments to go?
This ^   I was several times in Paris' Apple Stores (three of them) and service was dismal, due to massive amounts of people, and insufficient salesmen/Geniuses. I'm not alone to have had issues, and several of these people bought non-Apple hardware due to "DELL's service, at least, is stellar". YMMV, but fact is they left and are not coming back any time soon...
@drobforever they need to have more guys dedicated to customer support. Right now, it's a scandal to be under AppleCare, have your machine useless due to whatever, and be told "you can have a meeting with a Genius in three weeks". What the Hell, Apple, step your game up!
Taking the train here in Amsterdam, the lower class black/arab girls sport iPhones 4S/5 due to heavy subsidies, the top class sports iPhones or Androids. Those girls obviously use those iPhones for 70% Facebook, 20% SMS'ing, 10% duckfacing.  Don't even try to pretend iPhone is high-class, this is not the 1990's anymore. Apple's Blackberry in that respect, built with a certain social target in mind and used [also], and massively so, by another (RiM targeted biznes-men, got...
The Nike+, while still sold, is completely unsupported by Apple. I bought one, I'm really disappointed. 
The problem is, fundamentally, that Apple has unilateraly switched the back end without offering an option to keep Maps. I don't think they could have done otherwise, but there was a communication issue here. I believe a simple "apology" along the lines of "for business reasons, we have to change the backend, that's what's going to happen in XXX months" would have been OK. "Hey, now you're using a beta system instead of the proven Google Maps in your critical apps" was not...
@jason98 @peter236 @loserInsertNumber You're the living proof of why Apple's Apple, and you're not them. Thankyou for existing, you have a purpose in life.
I have an iPhone. It's always less than a meter from me. It's my alarm clock and my iPod and my Mail.app, only mobile. I feel seriously stressed when I don't have my watch to check the time. It's a cheap Fossil watch (less than 200$) in steel and glass, nothing fancy. It is designed for me to know time, and it does just that. Anyone who can't understand why other people would want a watch just don't understand that they are not the only people on Earth.
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