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Yes, indeed. Very hard to sell a tablet with more SD... No way anyone else can pull it off.   Quote: Originally Posted by AppleInsider   critics have complained that the smaller form factor iPad didn't deliver an sharp enough screen to attract customersCritics have actually complained that the smaller form factor iPad doesn't deliver a sharp enough screen, end of story. Adding "to attract consumers" knowing it sold nonetheless is making a baseless point to hide a very...
Professionals maybe? Or people who can't live without checking AppleInsider and download TS's pictures several times a day?
My 15€/mo "expensive data plan" would like to disagree, Michael.
Of course, Chinese wages are going up every year, and unemployment seems to be rising in Western countries. Maybe Apple should just wait a few months until China's the developed hyperpower where everyone needs to have their R&D?
It makes more sense. Too many companies have lost decades of R&D to China's "cooperative attitude". I can't see Apple making that same mistake.
And it gets kicked in the ass something bad.
Artists use Wacom hardware... if they need a stylus. Nexus or iPad if they don't.     No place for Microsoft here.
  Mac OS X Lion does that to my Mac Book Air. It's extremely irritating. Good thing OS X boots fast, but still should never happen!
You're forgetting the iPhone itself! It has a camera that you could record porn with accidentally. Apple should do something about this and automatically remove offending sequences!
  You forgot "and they're doing nothing to compete with the multiple phones from Samsung" as well as "Apple needs a cheap iPhone" and "Apple needs a bigger phone". Damned if they do something, damned if they do nothing?
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