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Basically, that person is saying that your comments are racist, xenophobic and shameful. And you know what? He's right.   Note: not everyone, obviously, just the ones who also insult Koh when her decisions are "korean", the English judge for living in that third world country "England", etc...   @SolipsismX: in the aftermath of 9/11, 9/11 jokes weren't well received in America. It's easier to make jokes once the shock and pain is absorbed.
Let's boycott Star Wars! Anyway, it seems it will suck.
And the 5s carbon fiber :D
What would be awesome would be if that "low budget"-iPhone was the iPhone 5.
Oh, believe me, I do. You probably don't get my point, though. Or you're pretending not to.
Looks like an iPhone to me, and on top of it, is not "real" yet. It's still a "will exist later" phone.
Linux's not a garbage OS. While you might argue about Android (which I believe is a pretty good piece of engineering, but obviously you disagree, and who am I to say you're wrong? I don't know you, you might be an expert in OS design), I think that both iOS and Android are amazing Unixes, and we are lucky to live in a world where both main OSes are UNIX-based, instead of Microsoft(R)Windows(R)Extreme(TM)Professional(TM)Mobile(TM)Edition(R), or some equally ridiculous...
"Yes, they are building out the infrastructure". That's why in most countries, they get state subsidies. In some countries, the infrastructure is built by the state itself, and then loaned to private companies that operate/maintain it.
Wait wait. So they made up news, and now the news is that Apple did not make that made-up news a reality?
@dasanman69 Apple doesn't really check everything. They check for crashes and easily detectable defects, and they have humans who may, or may not, checkmore thoroughly. Look at the list of apps that obviously disregard Apple's terms and conditions. I even found a bug in one of my apps years after pushing it to the Store, which by the way is irritating as a programming artist
New Posts  All Forums: