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Among solutions would be to offer the service for free, or have Apple Music turn into a stand-alone company. It does seem very similar to Internet Explorer bundled with Windows discussions, only this time with Apple as the Microsoft of the day...
Well, that's not an unreasonable concern, from my perspective. Obviously, we'll see if the rest of the world agrees...
"Apple reduces investments prior to sales collapse""Apple Watch failure forces Apple to reduce spending" Wow, I NEED a job at the Evil Analyst HQ.
Götterdämmerung :)
Yeah, he's right.  I mean, since Apple totally doesn't sell anything else than phones, and "data centers, corporate facilities and Apple Store facilities" obviously are things with totally negligible costs.  ​Now, how the hell do I get myself a high-pay analyst job?
Maybe Apple should send an open letter about that?
Clones of copies... That's meta.
Also, advertisement is telling. These guys don't get their market. At least Samsung wisely targets "let's pretend to be Apple-but-cheaper", hence the current Apple counter-ads.I have seen many people buying "an iPhone" from Samsung, and not all of them are 80+...
Well, if it's not an iPhone, it's not an iPhone...I agree with that. On the other hand, I'm happy with my 6+, and I expect to keep it one more year, then give it to my partner and get the next iPhone
America would just invade them to hmmm, restore democracy, rule of law, world peace and kittens. Classic reasons. If Apple buys Cuba, the USA have experience with blockades, though their Cuban-invasion skills aren't that good.
New Posts  All Forums: