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@ascii : you're raising the question here of "are we blinding ourselves to the duties we have to our fellow man by using NGO's to 'buy' ourselves moral status". It's a good question and a reason why some choose to shun any other NGO than Reporters Without Borders and Doctors Without Borders, one for reporting on the issues, and the other for emergency relief. Maybe someone has a conclusive answer.
 It's called "blind faith".I'll keep buying whatever pleases me (and in the case of the Nexus, I got it from the company for the company's purposes, so I'm particularly happy of the cost-to-use ratio). You're welcome to buy whatever pleases you. I do wonder, though, if you have enough money to buy multiple Android devices as part of "research to buy Apple stock" (bad decision, given the fact it's been driven down by 'analysts' for at least a year, unless I'm told wrong),...
Yeah, I agree with you on this. It's just that your response felt a bit aggressive to anyone requesting a feature from Apple, in my opinion.By the way, I hate video training. I'd rather use a book, but nobody seems to make interactive training books. Oh, wait.
Obviously, you don't care that people might have a different opinion. I offered counter arguments, you just ignore them and repeat yourself. I'll repeat myself too then: the Nexus plastic is good quality, the Nexus works perfectly here after a year of operation, and so does my iPad Mini. As for profit, yes it does matter, but my point was, it strengthen the opposite argument of yours, so you might want to leave it aside. But please, go ahead.With that, I'm off to watch a...
Yeah, because Apple has NEVER added something after enough people "whined" about it. Please, don't feedback. /s
Can I has your loot?
 I'm happy with the Nexus and Mini for small tablets (the only things Nexus really has over ipad, imho, is better screen quality and NFC, which I professionally use). I am getting the iPad Air as soon as order opens up... Nexus doesn't lag, the plastic is amazingly good and what you think of using portrait mode only matters to, well, you, my dear.Google making $0 profit also makes the opposite point of yours : cheaper to buy since you're not paying for "profit". Just...
Buy soap.
"It's also the only small tablet to deliver Apple's full iOS ecosystem and App Store." U don't say. I believe that Lamborghini's Aventadors are also the only top of the line super cars to sport the Lamborghini Bull. Unbelievable. How come Ferrari doesn't succeed in imitating such a differentiating feature. Come on, AI. Please.
I vI think we have causes to defend, but we get too busy with unimportant squabbles to pay them the attention we should.Some would add: "everything according to plan".
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