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Well, still, no subscription model ever, but Apple doesn't help us here by removing Pro tools. Do they think that App Store competition like Pixelmator or Sketch can mature fast enough to avoid CC being the only option on Mac, which for some people means a switch to the PC and its arguably better array of options?
1- "There is a reason and and none of those reasons have changed."  --> there is, or there are? I thought politicians knew one thing well, which is how to express themselves.   2- "thanks to its designation as a foreign trade zone" --> makes perfect sense, since Apple is a foreign... company... uh, what?
And since I am not the one who started with jokes, I'll say: "It is no Mistry that Apple is Samsung's research arm."
She needed an iPad?
I mean: people are used to this kind of link: View In iTunes by now. An expertly crafted link that opens a website in Safari that looks like it opens iTunes (but doesn't really) would be doable. Some of the (really nice) effects on the Apple website, or the HTML 5 Apple page (which seems to have been removed now???), or even in WebGL with https://developer.apple.com/videos/wwdc/2014/?id=509 might enable this kind of evilness. You'll still get the popup, but most people...
I see what you did there.
I wonder how hard it would be to fake the AppStore app opening using CSS in Safari. It might not be this complicated to trick an unsuspecting user, say, your grandma.  Of course, I only wonder from a purely academic perspective. I totally don't have evil intentions, for the record.
He has a point though. I'm still looking for a version of iPhone with integrated hair dryer, fridge and malware.
Are you trying to burn down the village for kicks, or did you not get "initiated" to be this unhappy?
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