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Isn't Tungsten Carbide toxic?
Actually, from experience, people who don't ask are people who inherited money, not people who made it.So you can afford, and still ask.... but you need to understand the value of what you're spending :p
I'd go out of my way, but I still can't afford that :) 
Waiting to actually see one in a Store to judge this.... also, my current inexpensive Fossil (multiple years old...) is 38mm at its widest, and it replaced a 27mm watch. The smaller they are, the less they get in the way of things like walls, doors, and water-filled objects that seem to hide and jump me :)
ah, I don't know, I've got a cover on the thing since day 1 :)
Blows my mind. People sure have a lot of money to spend :p(Good for you! I'm only marginally jealous...)
really? Mine works fine?
Unless they sell millions, which I would not deem impossible. If I had the ability, I'd order now...
It's very special steel. Steel engineering is extremely hard. France used to be the best in that market, but a few years ago, executives ran the best company into the ground, and an indian billionaire bought the intellect and left the workers to rot, somehow, from what the press reported (or what I understood....). Apparently the knowledge was not valuable enough for the French government to intervene? America does intervene in the "liberal" economy in these situations....
Yeah, I understand the same. I do expect companies to start selling Watch band options ;)
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