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2011-MBA working just fine here. Considering the rumours of Retina MBA, it seems like a choice between waiting for that or a refresh of MBP...
Actually, his analogy is pretty accurate, Apple offers a service that is closer to Mastercard's than to a physical store's. However, where he is wrong, in my humble opinion, is that the enormous appeal of Apple's Store is worth a price. Apple has valued it to 30% of the sale price, and it seems many businesses are happy to go with these terms. If, as a business, you believe that you can make more money through your own outlet than you can through the Apple Store (which...
Apart from the App Store app. Sorry ;) .
Totally agreed. Not too mention the "interesting" situation with Judge Cote is bound to stop favouring AMZN at some point, and it might (I hope) backfire something really mad.
I find scary all these people who "think it normal" that Apple gets a share on these comics in any situation. No, it is not "normal". They make a rule, which they can legally enforce, that if you go through their store, they get 30%. Fine, this is business. If you go through the Internet, they don't get a share, and this is perfectly normal. iPad is a fantastic platform, but it does not mean that Apple gets a free pass to tax anything that runs on iPad. Making the...
1- yours does? When did they change that?2- exactly how is highly debated, as often is the case with Law or Governments, or anything involving bothNot to mention that courts in their US version is a very alien thing to Europeans...
Why can't Apple request a non biased judge, like Koh?
If Apple goes "large phones" i'll snag a cheaper 5s and wait 5 more years. Then smartphones might be gone, replaced by some iWTF.
You do realize that WST will be titling "Apple doomed" tomorrow as usual? It is all about milking the cow, not about the news
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