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@Ikrupp: I had NO CLUE who Lou Gehrig was until I Googled him, but I know Hawking for sure. I'd bet you a beer that you're American, though, because baseball is a very American sport, and it does sound pretty American to believe an American sportsman is more famous than a British scientist. Not to say you're wrong, just that it does probably depend on where/when.
Not to mention Li-Ion batteries :D
Of course, "all final assembly processes" is very late in the manufacturing, and "breathing zone" sounds like operators can be exposed nonetheless (skin, for example). Obviously, Apple is doing more than anyone else, but we're still very far from putting humans first. At least Apple will force manufacturers to take this point into account. Go Apple, indeed! While I'm at it, am I the only person here to think that the Tim Cook text stating he's not happy with diversity...
"Apple for the first time made its specifications available for the first time." And all that, for the first time.
@greatrix http://www.cracked.com/quick-fixes/robin-williams-why-funny-people-kill-themselves/
If they don't make a 4' phone, I'll buy a bigger phone and be sad ^^
Given the laws in place to "protect [us] from terrorism" in many western countries, which basically requires you to be able to identify anyone who connects to your network and keep logs for up to 5 years... DOA, wasn't it? Especially since MAC adresses can be spoofed/software reset.
An interesting question. I expect it also depends on the country of use, the country where the user bought his/her device, and US copyright law, given that's where the servers are. Internet and virtual copies are such an amusing domain for lawyers to play in.
On the other hand, it kind of makes sense. "British Petroleum passes XYZ customers, but CEO refuses to talk about Lamborghini's next car."
Of course I do. That's why I said "FDA-style", not "FDA". Other than that, I agree that this organisation could be more stringent, very much so, and you are pretty spot on the IAP issue. Isn't that what the media does, though, overblow topics to sell papers/eyeball time?
New Posts  All Forums: