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http://foolingsomepeople.com/main/   Not the first time this "white knight" gets in trouble for manipulating (and killing) stock. His book even goes so far as saying that he's right and the SEC wrong...
Am I stupid, or are this titles already all on my Mac through Steam??? I'd call that more "EA launches full scale attack on Steam" than "EA targets Mac gamers". Anyway, EA is known for ridiculously gamer-unfriendly tactics, I'd rather have Steam or the AppStore put a layer of defense between them and my Mac. Actually, the very existence of Steam and the AppStore are the only excuse for not pirating, not because of price, but because the government/legal system has...
Meh, that's the worst promotion ever. I hadn't understood that "week 2" (and "week 1", indeed), was not part of the picture, but related to the apps on promotion...
DED piece. 'nuff said.
I think he's become an attention magnet and a internet hit magnet.    Case in point: number of comments on this article largely beats the number of comments on the article stating that Apple might build an Apple Store in that gay Street in SF.
The media, such as AppleInsider, is particularly good at presenting stuff in a dishonest way.   The title of the article, as I pointed out earlier, presents The Woz  as an Apple hater. He is stating, with reason, that the iPhone is a few steps back on some features, but that Apple products are worth waiting in line for. Do you wait in line for the Surface or Blackberry or GS4? No? Then you know what his stand is.
That's probably what he says, you know? Don't blaming for saying what you say :D
I find people complaining about his words ridiculous, to be honest. He says the iPhone has some features missing compared to Android. He's right. He also says he's waiting in line for Apple products because Apple product launches are history. Blame Ai for titling the article "Apple somewhat behind" and not "Apple events are history". Not The Woz.
How do they deal with the 30% cut from Apple for this service?
It's a bit more complicated than that, afaik. The investors can vote to change the CEO, but they'd have to demonstrate that the CEO knowingly made wrong decisions for that suit to have any sense... (for profit, because his ego blinded him, whatever). Tim Cook's arguably the best supply chain expert in the world, an excellent leader of men, and respected by his whole company, and he's proven to have vision as regards the market. It would be a very, very hard proposition to...
New Posts  All Forums: