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Australia's in the first world? Wasn't that some faraway colony filled to the brim with evildoers and bizarre animals?     Edit: just joking... I know Australia :p
"He believes that this is likely inevitable". I believe he's likely a poser.
1- Windows "runs"? 2- If it crashes, it acts like Windows. I trust MS to make this dream a sad reality. 3- Looks like Windows. Sounds like something I don't want to see, my eyes are precious.
I'm curious why people seem to hate Google+ here. I love it, it works extremely well with my Macs, as well as iDevices...
So, a lower confidence level gives you a lower MoE?
Reality is what is left when you stop believing in it.
  Being absolutely, objectively right doesn't mean you'll win. enough cases in the past to not trust the future on this. Also, why even bother with having a court of appeals if people can't be wrongly convicted/cases can't be wrongly decided?   Apart from that, the fact that YOU think you're absolutely right doesn't mean the judge will agree with you. And on top of that, there always is a human factor in a court decision.
Of course. Obviously, a LLC (UK company, hence) is in the USA. That's why the ITC judge comes into play.   Maybe if I make it simple for you you'll understand: it's an international court, because it has two companies, in two countries, at odds. I'm sure you get it now. Oh, wait.
  A- So you're actually their client. I was wondering how they could make a living :p   B- Most Linux guys I know have iPhones. You go with Linux because it's the best system. You go with iPhone because it's the best phone. And you should not mix the problematics of restrictiveness on computers and on phones, really. They're very differing ideas.
You guys are all arguing about busines model here. It's _not_ the problem.   MS's business model has proven to be the best model for 25 years (at least). It doesn't make it a moral, sane, or even legal model, as have proven the numerous suits they lost (against the US government, against companies, against the EU...)   The question is simple: is it fair that to offer their customers the best possible coverage (as in "offer an iPad app"), companies that already would sell...
New Posts  All Forums: