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Gorilla Glass isn't designed to stop cars... or they'd do glass luxury cars :p
Aren't we always someone else's fool?
Perfectly logical thinking. /s
That's frightening...
Let me rewrite that to see if I understand. You redefine geeks to be trash. Then you say that the respectable people that others call "geeks" aren't geeks, but "smart people". Then you say that the trash people you renamed as geeks are not worthy of your respect.   Okaaaay.   The rest of the world calls smart, intelligent people with a passion "geeks", and especially computer geeks (but there also are "chemistry geeks" or "literacy geeks", equally worthy of respect)....
The day I reach 1000 posts, that's the quote I want under my name...   Apart from that, I have a question that you people might know the answer to. My lady needs to have some database for her Doctorate in which she'll input objects (with fields such as "probably made under such or such King" or "was written about in such and such book"). She runs an iMac which has Windows and ML and an EEEpc which has Windows Professional.   I've made her a MySQL database with OpenOffice...
Thank you for the hard data and the intelligent analysis :D
Anyway, I'm not going to go on fighting that forum war.   I, personally, based on my own experience, as well as data that even is available in part on AppleInsider, believe that geek users are more likely to use bought software, such as MacRabbit's Espresso or Apple's iWork than the general public. The general public, moreover, is more likely to run Microsoft Windows than Linux or Mac, in my opinion and as widely available data proves.   If you believe that my...
Also, Windows users are known (see this same forum for articles dating back to this year) as much more likely to pirate. Geeks are much more likely to run UNIX than Windows, and the best looking UNIX is Mac, which makes them likely to run a Mac.   Don't you see an obvious link?
Sounds like the voice of reason :p
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