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The multiplicity of Stores is also quite annoying, for anyone who moves regularly around the globe... and we are many.
@robm long, actually. Maybe you should learn from it? @nasserae yes, a GOVERNMENT complaining about COMPANIES making regulations. Makes sense, you see. @slurpy agreed, sort of. @tallest skil reaaaally? If there is a small issue, just drop a company's products nationwide? You kidding? Apple could just stop implementing rules overnight and retro-imposing them, but just impose them on NEW apps, then it would be fair. She made the important points: France is the second...
Especially in profiteering from Nazi Germany's behavior, and financial crises. Swiss not exactly a "pleasant" example, and Yahoo! should find inspiration elsewhere, imho.   Also, isn't Yahoo! a "friendly" company to Google, due to Marissa Mayer?
THAT, is exactly what makes me want to puke.   So "equality for his race" (which itself is a bad enough misrepresentation) is somehow better than "equality for sexual rights"?   There is one, and only one fight: the fight to prevent minorities (black, white, spanish, gay, women, people with electronic augmentations - that one's coming sooner than later, communists, jews, muslims...) from being trampled on by the local majority, which usually doesn't mean the majority by...
I believe that was his point...
The military employs extremely intelligent people, especially in the intelligence community, mainly to protect your ass. Well "your" ass, as well as others, obviously. I find it a tiny bit distateful that people make this kind of jokes, given these men do give their life to protect others, like firefighters do.   Just my opinion.
Any chance that the world might consider at some point that gay/ungay could also depend on the age of the person, his social position, etc? Why make it sound like it's predetermined by genes or something?       --- Maybe if the mother listens to too much Justin Bieber, the baby can never be gay in his life? /s
They both look like people you could have a beer with...
Is it just me that thinks that monetizing users (who already pay for their hardware... and they're not exactly inexpensive) or developers (who're there to make money, not to make Apple richer) sounds like a Google idea?
"If brain was simple enough that we could understand it, then we would be too simple to investigate it"   Love that quote.
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