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Charisma, connections, vision, and quite a bit of reality-distortion-field are necessary to get the funding and the team to achieve that result :p
Here in the Old Europe, you can have your best shoes' soles replaced for 10 euros, 15 if you're going for top-of-the-line leather soles. And cheap shoes... well they last less than their soles anyway, but I don't own any of these, so I can't vouch for them anyway.
http://www.ben.nl/abonnementen That's what I now have since I'm still using my iPhone 4 (Ben doesn't yet run the iPhone 5-compatible sims).
Maybe he uses Ben.nl :p
The question is "if you buy an off-the-shelf-model-from-apple", can you get a subscription with those 450$ off, or do you get ripped off? If you can't, this should be stricked down, because ti's not designed to protect a business model, it's designed to protect an immoral market lockdown.
<18 is not <15 Also, you're basically arguing that to each country its own rules (sounds interesting... why's America in Irak/Afghanistan again?) .   On top of which, you're deliberately equating "having a side job", which from 15 is considered OK in most countries to the problem, which is more "being out-of-school at 12 to work in a sweatshop". Not to mention children are more fragile to exposure to toxics than adults, due to their organism still being under...
You're not exactly heartwarming.
Good for Apple! It's heartwarming to see a huge corporation doing the right thing.
Lucky you.
Maybe they should get out of the stock market? What's the point for Apple staying in, getting "capital" from "investors"?   Billions of cash...     Also, as a shareholder, you knew what kind of company Apple was. You invested in full knowledge and if you did not, your own fault for not doing your research. If you wanted to invest in a different company, what stopped you?   Stop whining.
New Posts  All Forums: