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I love how the same EU that is derided for telling Apple off for the AppleCare spin is suddenly a hero. Also, I don't quite understand how using courts can actually qualify as "distorting the rules of competition".... Competition is done on the marketplace, not in courts. But maybe I'm just not following well enough, or my lawyer-allergy makes me incapable of getting the whole picture
Nuremberg Trials: http://www.globalpolitician.com/print.asp?id=620   Retroactivity is a complicated matter, because it can be successfully argued (as this extreme case show) that some things, even if legal, can not be tolerated by society. You could do something legal and still so wrong that you should be punished for it, because you knew you were wrong when doing it, and you only were using the slowness of Law to abuse society.   Such examples could be people destroying...
Why are there incomplete sentences in that "article"... ?
Yaye, more software patents...
Lucky guy.
Maybe you did not notice, but there is an economic crisis going on, so his point is proven I guess.         OK, I'm joking :p
Reading this, it feels like some hurt kid complaining about the teacher, it really does...   I think Judge Koh is a very good Judge, and I find the way Apple fanboys here have been bashing her for every decision she's made that's not fanning over Apple seriously deranging.  It feels like the problem to you guys is she's not ordering every Korean in the US put to the sword, and hence she's a traitor and should die...   By your own standards, Apple should stop operating...
What's a hill of beans? Never heard/read that one... I thought she said it's not ok to steal but Samsung did not steal. Might have misunderstood. Sure seems like something Apple would do, being the good guys and all. Actually, most court orders I've read until now were quite sane. That includes the UK judge who bashed Apple for playing stupid, which was all the more ridiculous that his initial position was clearly in favor of Apple.
Well, how else would a Youtube Capture application work? It's a service to YT users, as far as I understand it...
@hill60 : maybe because ignoring 400M customers is a luxury they don't want to afford? I definitely would not, in their shoes, and as an investor I'd go berserk if they did. Not that I'm an investor
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