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@jb_in_sb : actually, it's more like being In-N-Out Burger and suing the guys who would start "In-N-Up Burger". And not even then, because these guys would have named on purpose, and Apple did not name Earpods to bank on Hearpods fame. Randolph does have a point when saying that Earpods will destroy their Hearpods brand recognition in my opinion, and they should therefore sue (or let the name drop) since that's how the legal system works. Sue, or abandon your brand....
It's a bit harsh to say that the US is run by the whims of a glorified junta. Sure, the militaro-industrial complex is powerful and has already gotten rid of trouble makers, either in America or foreign countries, and yes, there have been some deranging stories about links between Presidents/Administration members/Senate and big money, but America is doing quite a good job respecting rule of law.   While I sometimes strongly disagree with America's policies, or lack...
I don't need to point out I agree with the guy about the "single-focus government" inherent ability to turn into a ethnic-cleansing machine?  Also, if he needs tinfoil, i have a supply ready¡
That's pretty cool. Water-cool, even.
A interesting view. I'm still sad TC did not tell China to go f*** themselves, pull out all the manufacturing and contracts and sales and just decide to ignore china, but I guess it would require bigger balls than anyone on Earth can possibly have ^^
Apple gave out free bumpers, claiming there was no problem.
An interesting case. It does make a solid argument for NOT removing physical readers of computers, since it means suddenly your music becomes non transferable ^^
Thank you for posting this. While Apple's design is certainly admirable, I've been saying this about OpenMoko for years (and I was on the translation team of OpenMoko.org BEFORE the iPhone, and I nonetheless do use an iPhone...)
I hate the article, and Siri doesn't work for me, for two reasons. First, I work on three countries, and my accent in two of these languages is that of my own country. Siri doesn't recognize those commands, which sucks a lot, because Dragon Naturally Speaking has absolutely no issues. Second, Siri is half integrated (as in, I still have to press OK or choose among results instead of just telling Siri to choose the second result). I hope Apple will improve this...
Can I have a Youtube video of that meeting?
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