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You forgot "revolutionary", "groundbreaking" and "amazing" in that sentence.
Combat pilots get the girls.
Is it even legal to state this?
Whoa, seems highly technical.   It does raise questions that we (humans) have invented a system so complicated that it ends up mattering less if you stole/copied/killed than if your lawyers followed the rules properly...
It's an Apple-not-so-closely-but-still-related-Insider news, right?
He can be snarky, but he can be funny too. Is it really worth getting this angry about? You're losing minutes of your life by stressing yourselves like this ^^ Go enjoy a Jopen :D
I'm curious what you use a Mini for that another model wouldn't work better for?
Awww, come on. Apple's highly innovative, not a corporte behemoth that buys innovation out of competitors. Innovate, don't litigate, Android.
I wonder if we could have part of the Pacific renamed to "Teapot Bay"...
So he does care? How much less could he care about this issue? You're being very imprecise!   But no worries, I couldn't care less about that :p
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