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In my opinion, it's the same issue as with domain names. Try to get a two-word (especially english) domain name... 
However, based on the court decision, you don't need to play lawyer. In Brasil ("depending on the country" as you said), Apple doesn't have ownership until they sign a check. That's how things work, that's how Apple is protected from poachers, ad in this small case, that's how Apple has to write a check. Unfortunate for Apple shareholders, fortunate for the guys who had the intelligence to file early.   On top of it "market dominance and name recognition" seem to heavily...
I absolutely love everyone here who basically says "since the justice decision was against Apple, Appple should renegociate their contrats". From what I read, a company filed for the name years before Apple did, and hence owns the name. Makes perfect sense to leverage this, otherwise how would you justify that Apple has a right to keep its trademark "iMac" if I suddenly decide to make iMacs in the US? Moreover, even if their base was not justified for a reason we're not...
@shen How about a weeklong vacation with the hot office secretary and an unexpected call from the wife?
I still find that slide-to-unlock patent ridiculous...
Hmmm, I don't really need FaceTime out of WiFi... I'd only get a few minutes of it before I'm broke, I expect ^^'
If you solder it to a long metal stick, you got yourself a tomahawk!
Thar ish jailbreak fa iPad Mini, bro.
You forgot the foldable screen and laser keyboard in iPhone 5s.
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