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Link's no backup. He's the Hero.
@matrix07 doesn't mean it's a good idea to use an Android as a presentation material. You could even say that nobody uses iOS, but it's a tremendously good presentation material due to its design.
I'd rather trust professionals than you, and why am I not surprised that you think you have a right to not follow the rules other do follow?
Not really... He was more saying "in general, people don't get accidents, so we should never put our seatbelts on". It's pretty different.
Lighthead. Not a personal attack at all, because you have a valid point. Oh, wait, you don't.
You sure don't use Google+ often, at least in public :p
Of course they don't, they're nazis, I read.   http://www.itwire.com/opinion-and-analysis/open-sauce/9680-interface-nazis-in-torvalds-line-of-fire   Sometimes, Torvalds just as cocky as SJ, isn't he? :p
Not really sure I want that though. Pretty sure I don't, actually. Then again, I'm more the kind of people to run a Linux or Mac box than a Chrome box ^^
I do turn over all of my data to iCloud, Steam, Blizzard, Google etc. I don't really have a choice, especially in the case of Blizzard and Steam. It's not like I can use their stuff without the "f____g cloud", right? Also, see my previous rant about MS forcing Office 360 down my throat by selling me "the next update to Office", which is not Office 2013 as you'd expect!
Yaye, go go Apple! That's the kind of cool things that makes us love you! Also, nice forest colors on these pictures...
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