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Well, sounds like China really wants something from Apple. Time to head out of the country? Apart from that, Sun Wu Kong's awesome.
Samsung is not a "regime"...
@spamsandwich River of Pearls. 'nuff said. Y'know, Ivy League was actually paid for in chinese blood, so lesson-giving might not be appropriate. @solipsismx Indeed, Americans are getting scared... As for me, I think this is obviously a ploy by the Chinese government, either to leverage some control over iOS, or simply a grab for money, either by the government or by some greedy official. Would not be the first time. However, I may be wrong, and I feel the aggresiveness...
Damn, I can't help but agree with you today ^^'
Does it spit at people, or look gay, or what? /me no gets point.
"Print magazines on tablets"? As in, put your paper version on top of the iPad or something?
If it works, it will solve a lot of NASA's funding problems :p
Good! So do we :D
Hey, maybe I can buy some of it soon? Hopefully Apple][ will throw his away? Gimme?
Self quoting myself, but I just realized that the solution Apple uses on Mountain Lion could work out on Android: having only curated, signed software run on Android, unless the user specifically allows it, which means he knows what he's doing. Another idea would be to have a self-reinstalling copy of the system and all the data "in the cloud". Not a solution I'd want for myself, but I'm not "the average guy"... Also, I have an iPhone ;)
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