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Good to know that Foxconn, due to Apple pressure, is increasing workers wage. We'll all benefit from richer chinese workers!
Actually, lots of my friends use Google . Maybe it only took off outside of the US, or in the engineering community? However, what's the bloody use of making a google-Instagram-clone? There's already Instagram being Instagram right? Or am I missing the point?
Well, in my humble opinion, it is rude, and telling me to mind my own business won't change that. It might be considered rude though to try to overrule the social convention by telling people to "f___ off", otherwise know as "mind your own business"... but probably, in your mind it's just polite sharing of information, so you're welcome ;)
Politicians on average might be more "intelligent", but there are pretty stupid ones.   On top of it, they're definitely not experts the way professionals dedicated to those matters for years of training are. They're also biased.   As for emergencies, they definitely can happen on the ground, check the history of plane incidents for reference.   LBNL, slipping on an iPad while trying to escape from a plane with everyone panicking seems to me to be a critical issue...
I rarely defend Ai per se, but I think it was rightly said. This _was_ imho an useful Google-pawn that they just lost.
I still think, regarding MS' fatal embrace, that there should be a law that if you buy a company and don't use it's IP in a relevant product, the IP gets public domain... After all, while private property is an essential basis of modern society, "the public good" is the basis for any society, and "fatal embrace" is a clear damage to said society...
Feel I should elaborate about my previous comment: I don't want Apple to move to a cloud-software system. I won't buy the Pixel. I hate cloud systems. I want an Apple-branded, simple-stupid, own-cloud-at-home-solution for server-style stuff, and standard-classic software running onmy own computer in my own home .   NO YEARLY FEE, NO UNWANTED UPGRADES.   OFFICE 360, ADOBE CLOUD? GTFO.
Bought Office for Mac today. See, they offer "the next version for free if you buy now". Got to the offer site. Filled in the code. Found I actually get "one year of Office 360 cloud-based service". Feel cheated. Me no like new world. Want old world back.
Yeah. Because coders don't have iPhones.   Also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lim_Ding_Wen   17 year old guys don't suck because they're young. Sorry-ass old guy, or what?
Oh, yes, you are for sure.
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