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That's quite ugly, if you ask me. Even if you don't.
I think Schmidt would have been convicted very, very fast, if it so were.
Just because you can't afford a contractless  Galaxy S 3. Tsssk.
Actually, the technology underneath that is far from new. The application is kinda cool, but I'm surprised this has been deemed worthy of a patent. I'll admit being no expert, I probably am missing the finer points though ^^
It has antenna problems. I know, I own it. Now, it might be that you read in the newspaper that the problem doesn't exist, or that you own  Apple Stock and don't want to admit to Apple lying flat-faced about it, or that by a stroke of luck you have (had?) an iPhone 4 that had no issue, or you just have some Android phone but want to pretend you're an Apple user. Whatever, but please don't say the iPhone 4 had no antenna issue. Whenever there is debate about some Apple...
Because they know better about it than you do? When what developers say go with your own opinion, it's gospel, else "why do you care about it"? Come on.
Actually, the manufacturer defines a use for a product, but sometimes the consumer finds another use that becomes mainstream, and the manufacturer changes his stance accordingly.
A useful key that would be. I mean, anyone would mistake you for Obama open the door to his office. Especially the security.
@pedromartins : I'd love to be a peasant earning mere billions of dollars. I'd love to have so little power that I'm "manufacturing pretty much everything".
@macky: depends on if that strategy helped them make more than another one @apple][: aren't you supposed to have some kind of disclosure "Apple Stock Owner, all statements may not be entirely honest"? @tallest Skil: do they really have a hundred phones? Where do they find the money for the R&D?
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