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The Nike+, while still sold, is completely unsupported by Apple. I bought one, I'm really disappointed. 
The problem is, fundamentally, that Apple has unilateraly switched the back end without offering an option to keep Maps. I don't think they could have done otherwise, but there was a communication issue here. I believe a simple "apology" along the lines of "for business reasons, we have to change the backend, that's what's going to happen in XXX months" would have been OK. "Hey, now you're using a beta system instead of the proven Google Maps in your critical apps" was not...
@jason98 @peter236 @loserInsertNumber You're the living proof of why Apple's Apple, and you're not them. Thankyou for existing, you have a purpose in life.
I have an iPhone. It's always less than a meter from me. It's my alarm clock and my iPod and my Mail.app, only mobile. I feel seriously stressed when I don't have my watch to check the time. It's a cheap Fossil watch (less than 200$) in steel and glass, nothing fancy. It is designed for me to know time, and it does just that. Anyone who can't understand why other people would want a watch just don't understand that they are not the only people on Earth.
I've recently tweeted that I want an armband so I can keep my Mophie while running. Of course, I run with about four kilos of diverse hardware in a backpack, so I'm not your average "sportsman". I can understand how the guys with their sexy tight fitting black molding suits all over their muscled bodies, looking at each other with desire etc could be concerned about "the size of their phones". "Is that your phone in your pocket or are you happy to see me?", or...
Digital software should be buyable in the US from Australia directly on Internet. End of story.
Ridiculous. The problem is not pricing. It's the fact you get different prices based on the country you sell in. There should not be an "Australian App Store", an "American App Store" and so on. It's the same bloody software. I could understand the price being different based on software being localized, but I'm prevented from playing the US version, since it's an artificial limit. And give me a break on "it's due to legal requirements". This, here, is the "legal...
You haven't read him correctly.
Or the Holy Coran. Or, maybe, the Larousse Gastronomique, or the Kama Sutra.
  Juice pack'ed iPhone. As the reflection shows, picture courtesy of my Mac ^^
New Posts  All Forums: