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I agree entirely with these two latter points. As for the first one, I've had several websites demand Java recently, two of which required (and shipped by mail) a piece of hardware, and two others being government.   All in all, I'm very curious to see how this is going to turn out. It is, after all, a matter of civil rights much more important than the right to carry guns, whether or not people can run whatever they want on their devices, which contain their...
The public doesn't care or gets what you just wrote.The public wants free pirated Office and if the public cannot get it, it wants free OpenOffice, which means Java. Your anti-javaness just proves you don't understand what you are speaking about. Java is a great technology, it just needs better security updates.   Also, Apple/Microsoft has a very clear business interest in "protecting" the user from Java, with its Apple/Microsoft AppStore. Apple currently requires you...
Provided Microsoft's brand survives those years. That's far from obvious given how pervasive Android+iPad are.
AnalystInsider, or AnalystAnalyst?
You might mean to say "javascript" here?
Somehow, the industry tends to choose a direction and sheepishly keep to it. Doesn't mean Apple has to do the same.
Or maybe they asked? :p
Don't worry, virtual knives don't stab.
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