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Great, the stock is going to tank!
Damned. I never get to use those pitchforks...
Actually, correction: real nerds built Macs.  
Is that a logo for a sperm donations company? Apart from that, S-camper-com, where's your lawn, I feel an urge to come so you can tell me to get off it
Real nerds coded their own games in assembler, if I may say so.
Come on Phil, you sound like a nerd. Let's see if the movie beats 11% on Rottentomatoes before we decide heh?
Yeah sure. America and basically the rest of non-Europe countries have only wonderful laws that make perfect sense, due to the sense of duty that infuses the lawmakers everywhere else than in Europe. /s   Europe actually has quite a logical body of law, per country, apart maybe for France which suffers from excessive legislation.
1- Nova is too sexy for her shirt. 2- Arkham City is a fabulous game, maybe trying comparing excellent games to okayish games is not the best way to prove your point?
New Posts  All Forums: