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Well, now that's interesting, very nice point they have here...
Or buy Android, which has a real mapping system. Your argument is that if iPhone isn't as good as the other systems, then people should research their trips better? What a bad argument.   Also, I agree with the fact people _should_ have researched their trips, but you can't fail them for trusting a $700+ piece of hardware that's advertised as "top of the line"...
First part: I agree, this sounds too focused to really be clean. Second part: why Google? Microsoft-Nokia, Samsung, HTC have all abandonned the smartphone (and/or) maps business?     Also, Apple probably should quit using Beta stuff as sales point. If Facetime is not ready, don't say it's ready, make it ready. If Apple Maps is not ready, make it a "download if you want" feature. Enough people like me will get it anyway...
I mus say,it was nice of Apple to gift all these iphone 5 to testers. Oh, wait...
I don't want to be filmed doing my job, and it's unrelated to "doing my job". I don't want to be filmed, period.
He's not into clothing, he's into computers.
@tallest skill: I have screen caps of the apple website. They have pretty much said this, even if they probably don't anymore.
@robin huber: you can ship it to me
@slurpy: but there is a direct relationship between Apple and HP, if you read the Isaacson book. That's the same situation.
I shouldn't really, but I can't help it. I don't have the problem, so obviously you're lying.   Reminds me of all these people with iPhone 4 who did not have any antennagate issue.
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