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@robin huber: you can ship it to me
@slurpy: but there is a direct relationship between Apple and HP, if you read the Isaacson book. That's the same situation.
I shouldn't really, but I can't help it. I don't have the problem, so obviously you're lying.   Reminds me of all these people with iPhone 4 who did not have any antennagate issue.
@john.b : don't forget to cut it off the Internet, shut it down, remove the CPU and melt it in a fire. You never know. Reminder to anyone with a brain: Java is a great language, that still represents a threat to Microsoft's .Net (you know, that huge reason why the Mac doesn't make it much to the Enterprise World). Java also means portability, which makes it a threat to Apple's AppStore. I don't want a world where Apple prevents the base user from installing whatever it...
Other view: magazines are for depth analyses, requiring effort. The web, instant as it is, definitely doesn't carry the quality of information that the Herald Tribune, Le Monde Diplomatique or the FT do.   Yellow journalism is dying at last? So what. It's done enough damage in its 150 years of existence that I say "good riddance".
The problem with politics is, everyone thinks he's right.   Like people who thinks any (important) political guy in the US is even remotely on the left side of the political spectrum. Talk about "disconnect from reality". When I see people saying that Obama's a leftist/socialist I laugh my butt off, he's more to the right than Reagan ever was.   My feeling, which only is worth what it's worth, is that in a few centuries, people will either be extinct, in the dark ages, or...
  Or they just inundate the whole room and make it the iCeiling.  Sounds safe.   Introducing the Apple iCouch, iDesk and iSwimmingPool? I'd think that exposing a body to a huge amount of energy will cause issues. After all, that's how gamma-ray induced DNA mutations work... Then again, I'm no scientist.     ---- Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOpBPXLsNrs
Good thing cancer is a thing of the past indeed. It would have been a shame to lose someone as talented as SJ from such an avoidable fate.
Also, I like this new PoliticalInsider website. I should come more often!
And the fake hair. Hopefully, it's fake, at least.
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