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Sadly, I entirely share that statement. In a world where this dream exists: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1655017763/cst-01-the-worlds-thinnest-watch ... competition is heavy.
Not a sports-type, are you?
Am I the only person who thinks that the problem is Apple approving "Mooncraft" (and alii), an obviously illegal ripoff of a successful game? The ONLY point of a walled garden is for these "innovative and original revolutionnary apps" (eg, ripoffs) to not end up in customers' hands.   A better solution would have been, as discussed a few days ago on these forums, to have a sample of the app, as Apple has for music or movies, or a solid refund policy (instead of refunding...
Or worse, customers out. That would be bad. Maybe an armed guard should follow customers to make sure they don't get in contact with other systems? /s
@andysol : sadly, that's what anti-apple people resent most about Apple, that tendency to let others break the ice, and then come in and polish the item to insane standards (good) and pretend they (Apple) "innovated" (not good). You're sure that you want to see this happen again?
Depends on how you count. The american-held part of the american debt actually 1- relies on american financial health (obvious, dead companies/institutions/broke loners aren't likely to claim a bond), which makes things already shaky, but let's ignore this detail as it's anecdotic compared to 2- 2- has been argued by some economist to rely on an accounting trick for part(1/3 belongs to Federal agencies, which is the US government), and 1/6 belongs to either the Federal...
I like this. Obviously it's not a "tablet", it's a movable tactile computer. I hope some fun games are developed for it
Possibly, if you're going the conspiracist way, you could have embroidered better:   "I think the chinese governement found a way to get more money out of Apple by fining its suppliers, forcing them to raise prices, which means Apple will pay more for parts, either raising the price of iDevices or reducing Apple's margins".
Yeah. We French have the same argument coming again and again: "if taxes on corporations are raised, they'll leave for the US". Not going to happen ever. CEO and board have family houses in France/Italy/wherever and aren't going to commute to San Francisco or anywhere else in the US... Corporations are "nameless" entities, but their boards are very standard issue humans.
I thought the economy was driven by consuming.
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