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Yes, I agree with that part. The "hacker" gets a massive sentence (that's life destroying, quite obviously), and AT&T, a big company making billions, gets off the hook even though THEY failed to protect their users?   That guy found a leak and publicized it, after warning the company and giving them time to solve it. Read the computer security certifications, and you'll find this is the correct behavior (along with numerous warnings that US law is dangerous and ends up...
Really.   You know, applying your own rules to yourself could help the planet.
I hope AT&T officials are also going to jail for the aid they offered to this hacker through lax security?
You know, most engineers on this planet, if not all, know that and more. Maybe a bit of humility might strengthen your argument? Just saying...
Case in point, the "upturned" irony marker. Both TS and Philboogie tend to use that, and it's a way of saying "you're a moron" without using the words "per se".   I agree with you that debate rules and forums don't really fit together. I'll go further, forums where people are both active users and moderators (TS...) have a clear "judge and party" issue. now, who cares. TS also is fun to read, and life's not going to stop because of Ai...
@tallest skill: the only imporant idea here is "do they benefit from drumming up these opinions". If not, they're like you. You publicly make your (sometimes exact, sometimes retarded) opinions. I'm not calling for you to be imprisonned even though you fail to see the light of the Android way
Same question: "Why can't the iPhone 4 get Siri"? Or that nifty panorama feature? Apple's no better than Samsung when it comes to artificially restricting hardware from running software features, because it would reduce their sales. You can't blame Apple, or Samsung. They're companies, not non-profits.
Devices with a soul... that talk to you... and understand you... they get better than you... and they conquer the woooooorld! I'm sorry, Dave. I cannot let you do that, Dave.
New Posts  All Forums: