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iMac's advertisement. Next question?
DED piece, won't read. Knew by the title. Also, all my friends went for the Nexus 4, and this includes die-hard Apple fanboys, which is seriously scary to me, given I've invested my career into Apple's iPhoe/iPad market (for now...)
@danv2 : actually, the French need to go back to doing things the French way, which is efficient, instead of trying to be a pale copy of the inefficient American system (you know, biggest debt in the world?) Poor governance is killing France? Really? Apart from that, whatever Richard says is purely his opinion, and even if true, well the iPhone will be a status symbol again instead of being that phone that every teenage girl carries
So you actually prefer, as an investor, that they use their money to pay you money. OKAAAAY. As an investor, I prefer they use their money to buy you out so I don't have to read that crap again.
Funny typo.
And how does that prove: 1- anything related to the article 2- that the regulars here were wrong in the first place?   If I was Apple and an Exchange bug was plaguing my users, but I knew how to write a "fix" on my side to avoid that bug, I would. It would make me amazing, not prove I was wrong in the first place...
By the way, I thought you used to be a pro-Google guy who burnt Apple down. What happened, they stopped paying?
@demonicpaul : happy to learn you trust Bing, from notorious Microsoft reliability-fame. @macbook pro: if it is an algorithm that was based on server results, as explained by Danny Sullivan, an _independent_ person, it makes sense that what you noticed is compatible with what they noticed. Concluding that Google is evil because their algorithms behave as they were programmed to is logically unsound... My guess is, as @solipsismx noted, that Google has no interest in...
@jb_in_sb : actually, it's more like being In-N-Out Burger and suing the guys who would start "In-N-Up Burger". And not even then, because these guys would have named on purpose, and Apple did not name Earpods to bank on Hearpods fame. Randolph does have a point when saying that Earpods will destroy their Hearpods brand recognition in my opinion, and they should therefore sue (or let the name drop) since that's how the legal system works. Sue, or abandon your brand....
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