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Yeah sure. America and basically the rest of non-Europe countries have only wonderful laws that make perfect sense, due to the sense of duty that infuses the lawmakers everywhere else than in Europe. /s   Europe actually has quite a logical body of law, per country, apart maybe for France which suffers from excessive legislation.
1- Nova is too sexy for her shirt. 2- Arkham City is a fabulous game, maybe trying comparing excellent games to okayish games is not the best way to prove your point?
Obviously. I just wish I'd be a fool like him, rich, successful and revered/envied by millions of gamers.
/me replaces all game related occurrences with phone-related occurrences. Or MP3 players occurrences.   Come on... " I doubt Apple will into" ... "bit late into the game". Really. Don't you feel they've already been there, done that?
Or (Open)Solaris or *BSD?
Note that a Macbook Air with iPad portability and decent space (say, the model I own, 11 inches maxed-out) will cost you 1k more than said iPad. It does put somehow a premium price on directories ;)
If these is really the runtime (JRE), this is very bad news. If it is the crappy plugin, it is quite good news. In the first case, we can safely predict that very soon, Mac as well as Windows will only allow you to run Apple-signed software. Great. I can't say how unhappy I would be to see these developments.
I'm updated now :D   Apart from that, i was talking of a coffee grinder iPhone 6. How about a 3D-camera iPhone 6? http://www.ibtimes.com/apple-iphone-5s-or-6-rumors-5-new-features-youre-likely-see-its-release-date-2013-1050118   Rumors. Pushing the envelope since the Age of Stone.
We should add those proteins into our DNA then, or make potatoes a required ingredient of all meals ;)
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