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I love how some people here go "developers have had enough time" and "I hate hen devs abandon apps". Go f*** yourselves, guys. Developers aren't working for free, and just as you guys go "Apple has no reason integrating Siri in iPhone 4", well neither have developers adding features in an app you already bought. Tough life suckers.
Well, anyone that Microsoft sides with is automatically evil, everyone on this board knows that
@richl: and Unity should die a horrible death. Please.
It's actually a matter of an American failing to understand that non-American countries can actually have differeing principles, that are just as morally valid. Particularly true when the case concerns publicly funded research against corporate funded research...     Then again, in "War of the Worlds", a "very good" movie, the enemies of America include "Europe". Whatever.
"Uses". Listing it after a company fails to adequately protect it is already a very different ballgame. Worse, the big issue is that the "hacker" did NOT publish the list of users. AT&T did. He just repeated it under a different form.   I cannot understand why his lawyer did not get him off.
If AT&T did not care to react to his warning, yes he had to. That's how security works, sadly, due to lazy big corporations.
And? Shows that Apple is proactive on fixing bugs and security holes... Apple moving towards a strategy more similar to Linux's than to Microsoft's seems a very, very good thing to me.   Or you'd rather have like one security patch a decade?
Apple gets free security analyses, which means that these holes that would anyway have been found by black hats (think Mafia, Russia, Chinese, secret services etc) are one risk less for everyone...   Bottom line, Apple has class, style and flair.
AT&T, that's the way to behave. Take notes please. 41 years of prison --> wrong behavior. Giving credits and fixing the flaw --> correct behavior. Should be simple enough to remember.
Well, that's actually rather true. The point is, Apple waits until a feature is polished and refined enough before pushing it, Android just pushes it and hopes it gets better. It doesn't seem trolling to me, more like failure to see why Apple would do this, and why the general public would benefit from such an approach, rather than the "tinkerer oriented" Android approach...
New Posts  All Forums: