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Humans are omnivorous, not carnivorous. They eat "everything" (which is a bit exaggerated as a definition, imho, since all plasmavorous middle aged humans I met died a very fiery death...)
Due to the lack of use of his brain, Ashton K. will have to be amputated from his head... now, that's bad. Isn't it? :p
Mainly fished in the Mediterranean. In "debated" legal conditions.
40 years away of running out of OUR COMMON fish, would be more accurate.
How unsurprising. Why is that even news?  
Looks like a rumored prototype to me. Not really newsworthy, unless Apple makes a "budget" iPhone like they made a "budget" tablet.   Note: they don't lie: iPad Mini is not a cheap iPad, it is a expensive not-so-good iPad.   Then again, everyone who reads my posts knows I find the Mini despicable (but can't wait for iPad, version 5).
Anyone investing any amount of money in the Stock Market should read The Snowball.
Great. Since the iPhone is so cheap that anyone can have one nowadays, if only the tech-savvy elite knows enough to buy one, it will remain an elite product! /s
Looked the girl up on Google... she's rather cute and seems to have a career already. Aren't you letting your prejudices cloud your vision? Can't say I ever saw a movie with her in, but I got no TV and I rarely watch movies, so her acting might be terrible, and I wouldn't know :p
Fixed it. Someone, somewhere, might find his opinion valuable. probably not on Apple-related matters though.
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