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That's probably what he says, you know? Don't blaming for saying what you say :D
I find people complaining about his words ridiculous, to be honest. He says the iPhone has some features missing compared to Android. He's right. He also says he's waiting in line for Apple products because Apple product launches are history. Blame Ai for titling the article "Apple somewhat behind" and not "Apple events are history". Not The Woz.
How do they deal with the 30% cut from Apple for this service?
It's a bit more complicated than that, afaik. The investors can vote to change the CEO, but they'd have to demonstrate that the CEO knowingly made wrong decisions for that suit to have any sense... (for profit, because his ego blinded him, whatever). Tim Cook's arguably the best supply chain expert in the world, an excellent leader of men, and respected by his whole company, and he's proven to have vision as regards the market. It would be a very, very hard proposition to...
You're forgetting also that with that cash, Apple can afford to never again borrow. Any idea how much all this borrowing has cost the economy over the last decades?   Case 1: you get money lent, and you have to repay it. Case 2: you don't get money, and you die, or at least are impeded in your growth, possibly overtaken in the race to the top by a competitor, or bought out.   I keep my opinion: don't like the way the company is run, get the **** out. Apple's transparent...
Agreed. Anyone arguing that the company is not successfully and profitably run should go take a hike.
    It doesn't mean the shareholder is the CEO of the company. Cases in point: Palm, HP. Without shareholder interference, those would probably still be around. Well, HP is "still around". Sort of.
We have, and follow, laws on IP. IP is not the problem. Actually, the USA have been stealing considerable amounts of IP through creative buyout tactics (and worse, such as e-war), which basically means that you don't necessarily need to break the law. You can sidestep it or even have someone else break it for you, and reap the rewards. Read EU reports if you're interested, it's fascinating.   France, however, has taxes, labor laws and social factors that heavily favor big...
Under which assumptions? Playing Civ 5 or EVE gets it down to 1h to 1.5h, not nearly 7h. Watching Flash videos gives me 2.5hours on average. Using Pages gives me close to 5, with standard lighting. I only get 7 hours if running pretty much nothing, with screen at minimal power, and backlit keyboard/wifi turned off, such as on USB'ed-ethernet (which is anyway a good case for being plugged in power).
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