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I apologize if this statement hurts your feelings, but sir, you're stupid, or ignorant.   China is a country with laws, like America. Like America, it might sometimes disregard them (hey, remember attacking Irak guys, which qualifies as an unilateral aggression in terms of international law? OK, now that the "terrorist" part is eliminated... let's move along).   Apple has a Store. It sells stuff, and that stuff happened to be stolen. Apple is liable for that like anyone...
Samsung wants to add, Scuffgate their innovative design.
Cute kid!
On the other hand, I still haven't seen Apple update their iTunes to show a "rent for life" button. they only have a "buy" button, whereas the ToS clearly explain it's a rent for life. Big companies can actually force any condition they want on you, all you can do is refuse to buy. And you can't even really always do so, due to lack of competition, which is eliminated through liberalism.
iMessage is not reliable, but SMS is not fully reliable either. I wish people would realize the only reliable way to deliver a message is to call the person.
Google is a success. I never understood the point of Facebook (which I don't use) or Ping (which I activated and never used). Google ... everyone I care about is on it, and that's a lot of people.
OMG... Apple made a mistake. Let's have TS correct the website's HTML and edit the 5 out.
Fixed it for you.
I'm buying next iPhone, and so given my budget I'm not renewing my iMac. Does that "impact PC sales"?
That sounds like Blender-hate. Blender's great, it even helps preventing tsunami casualties. All hail Blender! :p
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