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How about Facetime, heh?   Currently, sounds cuts off on Snow Leopard's Facetime after 5 minutes and you need to reboot the Mac to get it back. Key feature, according to the Apple Website.     “And we’re going to take it all the way. We’re going to the standards bodies, starting tomorrow, and we’re going to make FaceTime an open industry standard.” Steve Jobs
Wait... Harley builds electronics?  
Will you eat your hat when iPad Mini Retina comes out? You can put the video on Google's Youtube, since Apple Video doesn't exist.
Creating the substance that helped dig the canals of Suez and Panama, greatly improving fret systems, and saving hundreds of lives of seamen, no counting millions of lives via prompt delivery of food when famines menaced? Creating the substance that was used in digging most tunnels in the USA, establishing a modern railroad system without (too many) slaves/chinese workers?   Sounds good and innovative to me.
I also want to see the "new new ipad mini". > "shoppers wanting an opportunity to see new new iPad mini."
1) Who says it's Lion? I'm talking of the last really good OS Apple pushed out, Snow Leopard, not of Apple's Vista.   I'm SO HAPPY that it's not broken on Lion, it's fabulous. Who would have expected that Apple's FaceTime would _also_ work on Apple's Lion? /irony     Facetime is broken on SL. However, it's SOLD on the AppStore for Snow Leopard and hence it SHOULD work on Snow Leopard. As far as I'm concerned, unless Apple starts advertising the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and...
TS, I never noticed that posts saying that the English court/judge were biased/bought/broken were wrong in your opinion... England is a democracy just as the USA are, so why the double standards?
I'd rather that Apple fixes Facetime. This has been plaguing my mom's computer: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3388112?start=165&tstart=0 since FT got out of Beta (Beta worked perfect). Apple's solution is to "upgrade to Mountain Lion", which is out of the question in this case.   But obviously, ducking it out in courts with Samsung is a better use of their profits, than fixing bugs for faithful consumers. I guess that Samsung guys are fixing bugs and Apple...
I don't know about years, but looking at my iPhone 4 and GS3, the iPhone 4 lacks such a sensor, but the GS3 has it. Now, does Samsung know how to use the sensor as well as Apple, it's a wild guess. I'm much more happy with my Apple gear.
As has been stated before, he's making fun of that Ai writer's sloppiness. See, that 8MHz 68k processor is still way faster that a 1.6MHz non-existent Intel CPU. That's the point.
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