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How is it not unfair that Goldman-Sachs is still allowed to operate? How is it not unfair that Bush is still free? How is it not unfair that Bhopal did not cause high-ranking US executives to spend the rest of their lives in prison? How is it not unfair that Monsanto still operates? How is it not unfair that Exxon still operates?  I could easily go on.   Don't make me laugh. America enjoys a much higher level of freedom, but fairness doesn't exist there either. For the...
Cost to the State. It does make sense. Why would the People (citizens from the People's Republic of China) bear the cost of even a bullet, if it is the (purported) Professor's fault if he had to be executed, after all?   It's in the end an age-old debate: when does it become "normal" that the Community pays for an Individual's costs? Cultures solve that differently, communist countries, Europe and America all have differing methods.
He's gay, not a submissive masochist. Don't mix sexual preferences up please ;)
Not "slimy"... If you have a choice between pushing out a product that doesn't allow you to make money, or going entirely off the radar, you do the former. As to the speed, it's been what, three months already? I'd expect the company with the best engineers in the world can do turn-by-turn-on-ios in three months...
  According to the US Census Bureau: US population: 311,591,917 (Jul 2011) Area: 9,827,000 km²   World population: 6,973,738,433  in 2011 (source, world bank) World area: 510,072,000 km²   I'm just saying.
Also, if you buy an electronic device, you might assist some company in commiting copyright infringement by providing them with fresh cash, and possibly profit. So definitely, go all the way and become an Amish.
Apple surely knows the S/N. I mean, suppose you have millions of devices, wouldn't you make sure you know which is where? 'f course you would. Da Boss is "an operational genius" who can cook up a logistic dream machine, given some tim. Also, the Mac laptops have an onboard chip that allows protecting the computer against theft by preventing reinstallation of the system. Combined with a secure password and automatic lock of the computer, it makes for a very secure...
I can see how it's good for business to have a company that would say "we entirely trust our systems and will guarantee them for 6 years". But then again, I'm a stupid "entitled" person, who thinks Apple's superior to Dell/HP. Probably I should stop feeling so entitled and start buying HP crap to make you happy?   Actually, no, I shouldn't. Crawl back to your HP-filled juknyard, bubaye.
Call it NEXT or something?
FWIW, my boss informed me that if he fired me (here in Europe), the non-compete clause was automatically void. I like my boss for his entirely honest perspectives on life ^^
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