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So what? If they end up making it good product... great. But it probably will go the Skype way.
Also, they could have an iPhone with four doors and 4 wheels, to mirror the successful BMW lineup.   Maybe "the lineup for product X is successful" is not the best metric to determine that the lineup for product Y should mirror it?
So you're arguing Android doesn't infringe on anything Apple, due to being a different implementation? Good :D
  Right now, it feels you say the ecosystem is going to tank, but Apple should make phone prices lower due to the ecosystem being the key, and phones irrelevant. Makes no sense.   On the other hand, you start with the premise that the iPhone 5 has a "not decent" screen size, so you're a troll.
IMHO, that's why people should stop pirating and dissing Android: you want freedom of modding your system: use Android. You want a secure, safe, highly controlled and curated system where all choices are dictated by designers, go iPhone. Hence, it's not wise to jailbreak.     Obviously, I'm just stating my opinion, not pretending my opinion is a universal rule, and if you want to jailbreak it's your problem, not mine ^^
You don't get to see the beginning of the movie when you go to the cinema (and trailers, well those are the equivalent of the screenshots in the AppStore). I expect you won't pretend that you first pirate and then go and pay for the movie?   The problem is with curation. I've seen too many disgruntled friends (or their younger brothers, mostly) who bought stupid apps (like those ridiculous squeletal scanners or other "magical" apps that actually do nothing, or very...
So the problem isn't with the language, but with the "logic" in the "message"?
If you did not go through an Apple-curated AppStore, Apple wouldn't be at fault.   I feel 165k is not a hefty price to pay for the total control that Apple enjoys over what can run on the iPhone. No sex-related on the AppStore, because Apple considers its role to protect poor little JimmyJoe from himself. If Apple can prevent me from suffering terrible brain damage due to using a sex-related app, Apple definitely should prevent me from using a stolen app.   Obviously, YOMV.
It does raise the question of "why can't we, The People of Europe, shake the shackles of companies...". After all, SFR and vodafone are the same company and definitely should enable me to switch from my vodafone-france (SFR) to my vodafone-NL accont in a simple i-touch...   Apart from having completely different suppliers such as Bouygues in Paris and Telfort in the NL, obviously.
  I take Thalys every 15 days to see my lady. It's another country, another provider, another SIM. I'm sorry to say, your point of view is again skewed: US-only.   I'd like to see embedded SIM's, but given how phone companies don't want them at all (provider mobility? never if they can fight it!), I wouldn't dream. Exacty my point.
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