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Doesn't seem like a reasonnable price point. Let me check: - Apple, nope doesn't do <300. - NokiaSoft, nope, no smartphone (especially with enterprise quality) <300 - Android, nope no high quality smartphone <300   'f course, if you want iPhone quality with RIM-like Enterprise integration for 300 euros, you're probably not going to get it ever.
Dangerous thinking. It would mean that if a company "thinks" your product "might infringe" on their patents, you can't sell it, even if YOU think it doesn't, and are ready to go to court...
He is cheap enough to not go for the Galaxy S III, nor the iPhone. I think your answer is "a chunky Windows Phone".
It does show Americans can really cut back on their costs. Free should expand in their developing economy!
Yes, I must say, this use case might not be the best one. Then again, lawyers are paid enough they can afford to learn an obscure language to talk to Siri. /s
Given, for example, Adobe's Premiere Pro has an amazing Speech-to-text ability, you might be right. An Apple feature that would have you ask Siri for a specific file (video, photo, soundbite...) with a description "Siri, get me the movie where the Extraterrestrial flies a bike over a house", "Siri, get me the picture where ET gets his phone bill"... would be awesome!
Well, I still love the Cube, and I'm not particularly "wowsed" by the latest iMac's look. I do want the specs.
I was reinforcing your point, sorry if I wasn't clear :D
So your point is "because the world might change and Apple might turn out to sell lots of 128GB iPads, DED hasn't written a lame sloppy piece of fanboyism"? I'd rather he puts on his leather catsuit and go spy on Cupertino's plans to push out iPad 5... also, he should post a pic of that.
There was a page recently about that.  Everyone can be wrong, and the Internet took a lot of people by surprise.
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