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iMessage is not reliable, but SMS is not fully reliable either. I wish people would realize the only reliable way to deliver a message is to call the person.
Google is a success. I never understood the point of Facebook (which I don't use) or Ping (which I activated and never used). Google ... everyone I care about is on it, and that's a lot of people.
OMG... Apple made a mistake. Let's have TS correct the website's HTML and edit the 5 out.
Fixed it for you.
I'm buying next iPhone, and so given my budget I'm not renewing my iMac. Does that "impact PC sales"?
That sounds like Blender-hate. Blender's great, it even helps preventing tsunami casualties. All hail Blender! :p
Hah, that's what I said. Angle of view. Accessories though...
@marvin: so you can invite lots of friends over! Also... I thought Ive was gay?
MORE than time. My MBA has been useless for weeks whenever I need to be on the road, which is why I got a MBA and not an iMac...
Well, I'd like Apple to copy _that_ IP...
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