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So the problem isn't with the language, but with the "logic" in the "message"?
If you did not go through an Apple-curated AppStore, Apple wouldn't be at fault.   I feel 165k is not a hefty price to pay for the total control that Apple enjoys over what can run on the iPhone. No sex-related on the AppStore, because Apple considers its role to protect poor little JimmyJoe from himself. If Apple can prevent me from suffering terrible brain damage due to using a sex-related app, Apple definitely should prevent me from using a stolen app.   Obviously, YOMV.
It does raise the question of "why can't we, The People of Europe, shake the shackles of companies...". After all, SFR and vodafone are the same company and definitely should enable me to switch from my vodafone-france (SFR) to my vodafone-NL accont in a simple i-touch...   Apart from having completely different suppliers such as Bouygues in Paris and Telfort in the NL, obviously.
  I take Thalys every 15 days to see my lady. It's another country, another provider, another SIM. I'm sorry to say, your point of view is again skewed: US-only.   I'd like to see embedded SIM's, but given how phone companies don't want them at all (provider mobility? never if they can fight it!), I wouldn't dream. Exacty my point.
Impossible. On this forum, which resides in a parallel world, Samsung and Google can't solve any problem. What you meant is "Samsung copied Apple's future solution for the two surface problem preemptively, which they should pay for dearly in (American) courts".
"Elude".   Grammar-Nazi sorry is.
You could have made it sound worse yet: "Will the app drive my gun-holder to track black teenagers illegally trespassing on my white-only affluent neighborhood's domain? Hopefully it has image recognition software?"   Of course, only in a Scifi post apocalyptic universe would that be believable, right?
Why does he need to be "compensated"? What for? Some people would pay to get his job ^^  
I find the iPad 1&2 resolution quite awful, to be honest. That's why I never got one.
Well, you do mix up Latin and Greek. You'd be faster using chinese ideograms at that rate ^^
New Posts  All Forums: