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There was a page recently about that.  Everyone can be wrong, and the Internet took a lot of people by surprise.
Apple doesn't have a crystal ball, it has a crack team of designers/engineers/innovators. That team can hardly be asked to be changing the world several times a year, while still making a (huge) profit ^^
Strunk and White have written a book about this... However, the FT hates S&W according to : http://m.weeklystandard.com/articles/war-strunk-and-white_554816.html
And also, I'd say that most people would rather have a boring system that just works than a revolutionary system that needs efforts to adjust to...
I don't like clouds though. Clouds tend to bring rain.
He might have several machines... I believe I've recently posted a pic of the machines on my desktop, and it includes Macs and Windows PCs...
XP actually could shutdown while keeping the graphics card running. I have a friend who ended up with a nice hole in his motherboard, graphics card and soundboard (which pretty much meant changing the whole machine anyway).
This, I did not know at all. Apple needs to put huge signs in the Apple Store to make it obvious (but won't because it's ugly).
Note that streets anyway need to be redone every 30 years or so, more often in high traffic zones. It does depend on the place and conditions (here in the Netherlands, I can't even understand how the people tolerate the awful pavements... then again, they don't walk, they drive or cycle), like heavy rain tropical zones will clearly need higher maintenance, seismic zones also, but apart from these extreme cases, 30 years seems to be an admitted timespan.   I do believe...
I thought that this was quite obvious from his post ^^
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