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Feel I should elaborate about my previous comment: I don't want Apple to move to a cloud-software system. I won't buy the Pixel. I hate cloud systems. I want an Apple-branded, simple-stupid, own-cloud-at-home-solution for server-style stuff, and standard-classic software running onmy own computer in my own home .   NO YEARLY FEE, NO UNWANTED UPGRADES.   OFFICE 360, ADOBE CLOUD? GTFO.
Bought Office for Mac today. See, they offer "the next version for free if you buy now". Got to the offer site. Filled in the code. Found I actually get "one year of Office 360 cloud-based service". Feel cheated. Me no like new world. Want old world back.
Yeah. Because coders don't have iPhones.   Also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lim_Ding_Wen   17 year old guys don't suck because they're young. Sorry-ass old guy, or what?
Oh, yes, you are for sure.
But but... Android users are losers! /s
Actually, it does. You should re-train Logics 101.   Here: http://ethicalrealism.wordpress.com/2011/06/17/logical-validity-counterexamples/ Happy to oblige.
It's complicated, obviously. If Apple starts refusing updates to their apps that do not have (insert feature not supported, such as iPhone 5 screen size), they're forcing you to add workhours to your  bugfixing time, or stop updating your apps, or release them under a new name, "My App 2" or whatever... but Apple's position is also quite logical and good for users in the long run. The only ridiculous position is the one from users who feel somehow like Gazoobee earlier...
I love how some people here go "developers have had enough time" and "I hate hen devs abandon apps". Go f*** yourselves, guys. Developers aren't working for free, and just as you guys go "Apple has no reason integrating Siri in iPhone 4", well neither have developers adding features in an app you already bought. Tough life suckers.
Well, anyone that Microsoft sides with is automatically evil, everyone on this board knows that
@richl: and Unity should die a horrible death. Please.
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