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Well, I expect a lot of countries not friends with the USA agree that Ron Paul/Romney would have been a better winner... for them.
AdBlock for Safari will solve your issue... on the Mac, at least. iPad... is another story. But then again, you wanted a AppStore curated device, with no risky dangerous evil extension in your software, right?
My two cents: everywhere I've gone in NL, iphone 5 is out of stock. However, nobody seems to buy iPad Mini. So I'm a bit surprised at people who seem to find a lot of iPhones available, and iPad Mini sold out, but obviously YMMV...
Couldn't use FaceTime yesterday evening in the NL, whether with iPhone, iPad or Mac. Don't know if it is related, though.
What about people who have Sl and want to stay on SL? They can't communicate anymore? But well, it doesn't matter. Google provides "the better service", just as with Apple Maps. GTalk. For when Apple Messages goes out of Beta.
Black turtleneck: check.
TS, I find Cook's behavior way more mature than Steve's there.   Antennagate stemmed from a proven issue with (some? all?) handsets, at least up to some revision.  I HAVE A ANTENNA_GATE_RIDDLED iPhone 4. I love it so much that I don't use the Galaxy S3 I was given by the company, but it does require a case to work properly.   As a CEO, you recognize there is a issue, you solve the issue in your supply chain and you communicate about it. Ideally, you offer a gift-or-retake...
True, but the website should state that this does not exclude the EU warranty. I remember reading it on Apple's site, but I can't say if it was on the French or Dutch site.   Disclaimer: I currently work in Amsterdam :p
How is it not unfair that Goldman-Sachs is still allowed to operate? How is it not unfair that Bush is still free? How is it not unfair that Bhopal did not cause high-ranking US executives to spend the rest of their lives in prison? How is it not unfair that Monsanto still operates? How is it not unfair that Exxon still operates?  I could easily go on.   Don't make me laugh. America enjoys a much higher level of freedom, but fairness doesn't exist there either. For the...
Cost to the State. It does make sense. Why would the People (citizens from the People's Republic of China) bear the cost of even a bullet, if it is the (purported) Professor's fault if he had to be executed, after all?   It's in the end an age-old debate: when does it become "normal" that the Community pays for an Individual's costs? Cultures solve that differently, communist countries, Europe and America all have differing methods.
New Posts  All Forums: