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RiM has pushed any new models out in the last year? Not that I ever bought anything from them, but I don't remember seeing any announcement. If they haven't, it might stand to reason that they're not selling much.
The data anyway is rather "questionable", not to mention that "who's that analyst exactly?"   It's a bit ridiculous that Ai readers will pounce on questionable data that might shed a bad light on Apple, but accept  blindingly questionable data that shines a good light on Apple.   Questionable is questionable, end of story, in my humble opinion. I'd be more interested in the percentage of currently active iPhones (all models). I see a lot of old iPhones (by the way, I...
Apple should buy them. RiM is good in what Apple (iCloud pings (mobile)Me, so I respond) is not, and the opposite.
Idiotic comment.   "Hey buyer/developer, we plan on selling off asap. Do buy this doomed product."
Either Apple's done that or Apple's just so plain unable to evolve that they're doomed.   Obviously, it's the second option. /s
Give it to someone.
Samsung reacted to the rumor by announcing the Samsung Axe, a Bada-based smartphone that can also be used as a weapon. http://www.flickr.com/photos/r2rcanada/5878783427/lightbox/
Ask TS to make a picture for it and there you go, you can email Digitimes :D
That's actually why you're mistaken. Apple makes high tech electronics. They're not in the costumer business.
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