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Oh, TIL :D
Yeah, I agree with Tylersdad. After playing with the Enterprise, I absolutely need a spaceship sized iPhone.
Dat Map picture. Really, Ai... Also, wise use of Apple Maps. Only usable for america (particularly California though), but at least it works there
That would be a sad day, in my humble opinion.
@nagromme In practice, they banned third party browsers, by making it impossible to make a complete browser. You can make something that looks, feels, sounds like a browser. It is not one. Rest of your post is extremely interesting What i'm most concerned with is that Apple seems to be Internet-Explorer-Six-ing the iPhone, and since Apple has much better UI/design/usability capabilities than Microsoft ever had, nobody cares about the issue...
"continue to cause continuing harm".
DED article,irrelevant. "However, the chips used by most smartphones and other mobile devices don't support WebM, making it much less efficient to present on any mobile device, as the devices must do all the decoding work in software." only really good sentence here. It says "Apple's smartphones, the milestone setters in this industry with virtually no competitors, have killed Google's effort to establish a good software replacement for H264". Two notes: I don't...
Enlighten me. Why should Apple waste investor money paying people to raise their stock value instead of making/selling great hardware/software?
Well, there is a "business" that knows how to permanently shut people up without any use of lawyers. Might not be quite legal though.
My feeling is "investor" should not be used for hedge funds. They're not "investing" in a company, they're temporarily leasing those shares.
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