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N'importe quoi.   Apple doesn't have to do anything because "they can't let XXX win market share thanks to that segment". It's called "investing into the future". If Apple starts doing things that is in your words "a horrible idea" in order to protect "market share", they already are Samsung. They just don't know it yet. That's why they're not, imho, going to do that.   So Apple does "small phones" and "big phones are lame". It means Apple doesn't do "lame". End of story,...
Ridiculous IMHO.   1- Multiple phones is so making things complicated for people. Bad. Don't do it. 2- I fApple has really reached the point that they can't say "no, we won't do that" and "people want a Mini so let's make a Mini"/"people want a phablet/cheapcrap so let's make sum' phablet/cheapcrap", well, they're going to sell lots of these for 5 years and go under, like HP did.   I sure hope that Apple does not have such ridiculous plans. I sure hope Apple is going to...
C-H-I-N-A. That's part of the approval process.
People still use Windows?
I  actually don't understand how the iPad 4 sells less than the Mini... The screen is so amazingly better on the 4...
I think this precisely proves the point: having a public history of the data is essential. If you find a short, abusive message, you'll be inclined to check what happened (and probably restore the correct contents). It also makes the point for the importance of checking the sources.
Here, fixed your logic for you.
You can't rely on any data, then, not checked by yourself. This is quite close to solipsism, where the only thing known in existence is yourself.     A givernment or company database might have been hacked or a mischievious prankster might have introduced some fake data, some stagiaire long gone maybe. Doesn't happen? Never would a naked picture find its way in Bernard and Bianca, nor a satellite dish in The Hunchback of Notre Dame...   Publicly editable data (with...
If I was so lucky as to see "analysts" drive the price down to 400, oh, I would buy. Hell, yes.
Yes, and Apple iPhones run the same applications as Windows Phones and Android. Proof: Angry Birds runs just right on all three systems.   /s
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