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Apple should buy them. RiM is good in what Apple (iCloud pings (mobile)Me, so I respond) is not, and the opposite.
Idiotic comment.   "Hey buyer/developer, we plan on selling off asap. Do buy this doomed product."
Either Apple's done that or Apple's just so plain unable to evolve that they're doomed.   Obviously, it's the second option. /s
Give it to someone.
Samsung reacted to the rumor by announcing the Samsung Axe, a Bada-based smartphone that can also be used as a weapon. http://www.flickr.com/photos/r2rcanada/5878783427/lightbox/
Ask TS to make a picture for it and there you go, you can email Digitimes :D
That's actually why you're mistaken. Apple makes high tech electronics. They're not in the costumer business.
N'importe quoi.   Apple doesn't have to do anything because "they can't let XXX win market share thanks to that segment". It's called "investing into the future". If Apple starts doing things that is in your words "a horrible idea" in order to protect "market share", they already are Samsung. They just don't know it yet. That's why they're not, imho, going to do that.   So Apple does "small phones" and "big phones are lame". It means Apple doesn't do "lame". End of story,...
Ridiculous IMHO.   1- Multiple phones is so making things complicated for people. Bad. Don't do it. 2- I fApple has really reached the point that they can't say "no, we won't do that" and "people want a Mini so let's make a Mini"/"people want a phablet/cheapcrap so let's make sum' phablet/cheapcrap", well, they're going to sell lots of these for 5 years and go under, like HP did.   I sure hope that Apple does not have such ridiculous plans. I sure hope Apple is going to...
C-H-I-N-A. That's part of the approval process.
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