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You're not exactly heartwarming.
Good for Apple! It's heartwarming to see a huge corporation doing the right thing.
Lucky you.
Maybe they should get out of the stock market? What's the point for Apple staying in, getting "capital" from "investors"?   Billions of cash...     Also, as a shareholder, you knew what kind of company Apple was. You invested in full knowledge and if you did not, your own fault for not doing your research. If you wanted to invest in a different company, what stopped you?   Stop whining.
You forgot "revolutionary", "groundbreaking" and "amazing" in that sentence.
Combat pilots get the girls.
Is it even legal to state this?
Whoa, seems highly technical.   It does raise questions that we (humans) have invented a system so complicated that it ends up mattering less if you stole/copied/killed than if your lawyers followed the rules properly...
It's an Apple-not-so-closely-but-still-related-Insider news, right?
He can be snarky, but he can be funny too. Is it really worth getting this angry about? You're losing minutes of your life by stressing yourselves like this ^^ Go enjoy a Jopen :D
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