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You're assuming that porn requires strong fit men.    1- Gay porn, or women porn? I don't watch either, being neither gay nor a woman (yeah, I know, I'm a failure). 2- You know some people have a fetish for fat, hairy, sweaty guys?   I'd say a nude Phil Schiller qualifies just as well, for them.     Of course, would suggest it's true for everyone. Nude PhilSchiller photos.... that's actually society-damaging material.
What a little skank. I knew she was like that anyway from the very word she said :p
To some people out there, it would include women not in a burqa, especially if not walking behind her brother, husband or father.
That's exactly the problem with the AppStore. Thank you , Apple, for once again demonstrating the problem with 1984's Orwellian society. Too bad this is real life. What's next? AT&T silently drops sexts? Apple erases your lover from your contacts because hey, you're married?
"business brainiac"... Now that's a nice title. Kind of like computer nerd, only worse.
Rockefeller had flair too. Come to think of it, so had the moustached madman. Evil is evil, and flair or style is unrelated.
You forgot "an imaginary line enforced by unfair trade laws, themselves enforced by the strongest army in the world". The Roman Empire flies the star spangled banner nowadays.
Let's hope it keeps dropping.
Consumer groups/ surveys aren't the Apple way. Weren't. Shouldn't be.
He can send it to me, I have an art project going on I could use a few dozen good tablets for. And whatever you may think, it is a good tablet even without an Apple logo on it. Or is it the basic definition of a good device "has an Apple logo" for you?
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