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Also, they'll prevent anyone but an Apple(R) Genius(R) at an Apple (R) Store (R) from changing the calibration level for your Apple (R) iTeevee(R) or whatever.     But don't worry, if you purchased the Apple (R) AppleCare (R) for Apple (R) iTeeVee (R) * then the service will be free and only will require you leaving your Apple(R) iTeeVee(R) at the Apple (R) Store (R) for a mere three weeks.       * Terms and conditions apply. Apple (R)  AppleCare (R) cannot exceed a year...
Doesn't matter. Just don't hold your iMac this way. /stevemode=off
Also, like Henry Ford or the Bush family, sometimes the wealthy and successful are very friends with Adolf Hitler and Pinochet. Being rich and successful is no reason to be a target, it's no reason for immunity either.
I love how the same EU that is derided for telling Apple off for the AppleCare spin is suddenly a hero. Also, I don't quite understand how using courts can actually qualify as "distorting the rules of competition".... Competition is done on the marketplace, not in courts. But maybe I'm just not following well enough, or my lawyer-allergy makes me incapable of getting the whole picture
Nuremberg Trials: http://www.globalpolitician.com/print.asp?id=620   Retroactivity is a complicated matter, because it can be successfully argued (as this extreme case show) that some things, even if legal, can not be tolerated by society. You could do something legal and still so wrong that you should be punished for it, because you knew you were wrong when doing it, and you only were using the slowness of Law to abuse society.   Such examples could be people destroying...
Why are there incomplete sentences in that "article"... ?
Yaye, more software patents...
Lucky guy.
Maybe you did not notice, but there is an economic crisis going on, so his point is proven I guess.         OK, I'm joking :p
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