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@hill60 : maybe because ignoring 400M customers is a luxury they don't want to afford? I definitely would not, in their shoes, and as an investor I'd go berserk if they did. Not that I'm an investor
Oh, yes yes yes please. Can we also have some steampunk Apple gear?
    I agree. 385 euros is far from "dirt cheap", or you probably have some gold nuggets in that dirt.
Nobody ever said the iPad is a satisfying replacement for a Mac. It's a satisfying solution to the needs of the average current consumer, as evidenced by sales. However, some people will always need trucks, and for those people, an Austin Mini will not do the job.     Granted, a Mini does hardly any job at all, which is why it's driven by hipsters and posh ladies.
Australia's in the first world? Wasn't that some faraway colony filled to the brim with evildoers and bizarre animals?     Edit: just joking... I know Australia :p
"He believes that this is likely inevitable". I believe he's likely a poser.
1- Windows "runs"? 2- If it crashes, it acts like Windows. I trust MS to make this dream a sad reality. 3- Looks like Windows. Sounds like something I don't want to see, my eyes are precious.
I'm curious why people seem to hate Google+ here. I love it, it works extremely well with my Macs, as well as iDevices...
So, a lower confidence level gives you a lower MoE?
Reality is what is left when you stop believing in it.
New Posts  All Forums: