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I can see how it's good for business to have a company that would say "we entirely trust our systems and will guarantee them for 6 years". But then again, I'm a stupid "entitled" person, who thinks Apple's superior to Dell/HP. Probably I should stop feeling so entitled and start buying HP crap to make you happy?   Actually, no, I shouldn't. Crawl back to your HP-filled juknyard, bubaye.
Call it NEXT or something?
FWIW, my boss informed me that if he fired me (here in Europe), the non-compete clause was automatically void. I like my boss for his entirely honest perspectives on life ^^
Nexus 7 is great. iPad 4 is great too. I don't like iPad Mini, but I guess I'll get the Retina model once it comes out. Am I tech-addicted?
@tallest skil : >"crime doesn't PLAY"
Do Ai writers write on their iPhone? This looks like "autocorruption" to me.
Does it come with cheerleaders?
Ridiculously long response.   Shorter version: Stock market is always right, but rarely logical.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Texas   I'd say Spain, or France.
So much for Forstall being CEO-in-waiting, heh?
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