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Given, for example, Adobe's Premiere Pro has an amazing Speech-to-text ability, you might be right. An Apple feature that would have you ask Siri for a specific file (video, photo, soundbite...) with a description "Siri, get me the movie where the Extraterrestrial flies a bike over a house", "Siri, get me the picture where ET gets his phone bill"... would be awesome!
Well, I still love the Cube, and I'm not particularly "wowsed" by the latest iMac's look. I do want the specs.
I was reinforcing your point, sorry if I wasn't clear :D
So your point is "because the world might change and Apple might turn out to sell lots of 128GB iPads, DED hasn't written a lame sloppy piece of fanboyism"? I'd rather he puts on his leather catsuit and go spy on Cupertino's plans to push out iPad 5... also, he should post a pic of that.
There was a page recently about that.  Everyone can be wrong, and the Internet took a lot of people by surprise.
Apple doesn't have a crystal ball, it has a crack team of designers/engineers/innovators. That team can hardly be asked to be changing the world several times a year, while still making a (huge) profit ^^
Strunk and White have written a book about this... However, the FT hates S&W according to : http://m.weeklystandard.com/articles/war-strunk-and-white_554816.html
And also, I'd say that most people would rather have a boring system that just works than a revolutionary system that needs efforts to adjust to...
I don't like clouds though. Clouds tend to bring rain.
He might have several machines... I believe I've recently posted a pic of the machines on my desktop, and it includes Macs and Windows PCs...
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