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I totally disagree. DED's piece is a completely slanted and irritating to read rant, when what I really want to get is analyses, information and news. It's a simple matter, really: if he would make a small effort to not sound like a raving fanatic, I'd find his pieces much more enjoyable. Right now, I read all the posts, but only part of his article. I can't even tell if it's a correct article, or not (he tends to have correct views, but honeycomb them as soon as Apple's...
Apple doesn't steer from geeks and nerds, it prevents them from tinkering too much, and doesn't cater to them. It's quite different, since much of Apple's customers from a historical perspective have been: - geeks (music, movie, coding geeks, etc) - related to a technological-type geek capable of advising them - related to another sort of geek obviously enjoying their hardware with no trouble   Why would people buy an iMac if no one told them about the awesomeness? Also,...
Yes, that definitely sounds sensible! Still, I'm happy I can run my iPhone on 15€ a month, and have spent (iPhone comprised, latest model when bought) a global 1200 euros over the last three years... Pretty sure it beats most iPhone owners in the US :D
  Looks interesting, but pretty unfocused. What's the use of the phone video-editing application for an entreprise user?
Very true. I mean, Apple's barely making ends meet. Oh, wait... wrong company.
Hah, beat me to it!
It also engenders unreasonable expectations. Did you know that iPhone 6 is coming on April 1st, will have NFC, a 4 inch screen inflatable to 16 inches, a detachable keyboard, compatibility with Windows software, a SD card slot, a thunderbolt display port and a coffee grinder?
That's a debatable question, but not one with a clear cut answer, and definitely not one solvable on AppleInsider... It could be argued that your (sarcastic) affirmation happens to be true. 1- If the people of America decide to elect a President on that demand alone, who would you be to say they're wrong? It's democracy. 2- If the costs involved with offering unlimited data plans to everyone are affordable through fair and efficient use of taxes (which remains to be...
That's a very accurate fact. The fact that SMS are a scam is unrelated to tower communications, it's related to the pricing rates compared to pure data.
Good for you sincerely :D   As an aside, it raises questions on a system where, apparently, some people who "got lucky" have a great deal, paid for by the people who "did not get lucky". Doesn't exactly fit with the "to each according to their merit" dogma, but then again, dogma and reality never seem to go along ^^
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