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He can send it to me, I have an art project going on I could use a few dozen good tablets for. And whatever you may think, it is a good tablet even without an Apple logo on it. Or is it the basic definition of a good device "has an Apple logo" for you?
Agreed. If he had a nexus he'd be satisfied. If he had a Mini he'd be satisfied. He just doesn't have anything.
Why are you talking of Apple related stuff on SamsungInsider?
Can't be Texas. Texas is that foreign place where patent trolls lurk in "courts" (which is some kind of dungeon, I guess). Don't go there, out there be monsters.
How high?
The patent system doesn't state "obvious to the average consumer" but "obvious to any engineer in that field" as a condition for invalidation.   If it wasn't so obvious, why did OpenMoko think of it?
Yes, I agree that my word wasn't the most appropriate. What I should have said is "un-obvious".
He at least knows enough to use the right technical references in the right place. That gives him more credibility than you credit him for. He's urbane. You're not. He justifies his thoughts with verifiable sources. You don't. On top of it, you're now angling the debate towards "you KDarling need to give out your personal details so that I anonymouse might consider to possibly maybe even give you a pretense of listening to". You know what? Who the **** should care about...
It might be just me, but while Apple might abuse the situation, the main fault here lies with the United States of America's Patent Office, which is failing to do its job. Patent too wide --> patent not granted, apply again.   I'd like to have a patent on "an innovative new method". No, that's the patent description. Its main characteristics is being innovative, you see?
India is an interesting market. I still don't get why everyone's so interested in China. India's the same size (1.1B/1.3B) roughly... and speaks "Engrish".
New Posts  All Forums: