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Do I smell xenophobia here? Of course, I'm certain the US court will not find Apple, the American company, to be in its right... No way that could happen. I mean, of course the refueling planes the US Army will use for the next 80 years are the more appropriate, better built Airbus, and not the Boeing ones that did not meet the requirements. Oh... oh, wait.     I think it's pretty much a balanced judgment that Korean Court issued, given the complexity of the matter, not...
Working with publishers, I can tell you the problem is simple. You're selling ebooks for X. You want to sell also on iDevices (same product to you, right?). You're strong-armed in accepting "special conditions". It's Apple terms or no iDevices, and no respect for your previous engagements.   Suppose you have a Y-years old contract going on with Z company that you can distribute to others, but only at a equal or higher price. To distribute with Apple... you can ONLY if...
And obviously, oil, railroads, law and healthcare are such healthy, non-concentrated and efficient systems in the USA.   Why they would want to flaunt these examples is beyond me...
I agree. I don't like L/ML, I'm a SL guy I guess, but years of OS experiences ranging from Microsoft to OpenBSD taught me that OS upgrades can be hell.   Just a few weeks ago, a standard-vanilla-normal-not-modified Ubuntu completely failed an update, after coming out of an internet-less bunker it stayed in for two years. It was three versions late, but still, it's pretty irritating to end up reinstalling from scratch a major OS because nobody thought of proofing the...
My opinion (just worth an opinion) is that it's better to wait for the update to the upgrade. Also true for hardware :D
New form: Is Samsung evil? [  ] yes  [  ] definitely [  ] can I have fries with my burger
Amazing how you're almost always first to comment.
I think the jurors should be required to fillout a captcha with a math question, a programming requirement and maybe a bit of genetics knowledge checks. Just to be on the safe side :p
I'm sure sad for you.
But the employer has a higher weight than the employee. It's the same reason that when claiming rape, the smallish girl gets a stronger claim than the big burly defendent. It's more "likely". Depends on the country though.
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