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"both items"... can you REALLY call a BMW an "item"? I'm not a native English speaker, but it somehow bugs me to put a 2mx1m (or something) machine on the same foot as a device that's measured in centimeters...
Very valid point, indeed. Then again, shouldn't we then compare the GS4 launch with the 5s launch, being both "next gen" devices?
Of course not. I'm not that much more stupid than you are  ;) See my second post, I pre-replied :D
I believe he thought Ai was comparing "cache" values in these devices. The problem though, is that your definition doesn't apply either, even though it's clearly what the writer meant to convey.   What the (Ai) writer really wanted to say is "elicits stronger reactions", apparently. Also, "cachet" is a french word ;) and it really means "that has class". Obviously, the iPhone has more class than the GSn, with n being whatever integer you want.
Too bad AppleInsider doesn't have a clue what "cachet" actually means...
Link's no backup. He's the Hero.
@matrix07 doesn't mean it's a good idea to use an Android as a presentation material. You could even say that nobody uses iOS, but it's a tremendously good presentation material due to its design.
I'd rather trust professionals than you, and why am I not surprised that you think you have a right to not follow the rules other do follow?
Not really... He was more saying "in general, people don't get accidents, so we should never put our seatbelts on". It's pretty different.
Lighthead. Not a personal attack at all, because you have a valid point. Oh, wait, you don't.
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