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Amazing how you're almost always first to comment.
I think the jurors should be required to fillout a captcha with a math question, a programming requirement and maybe a bit of genetics knowledge checks. Just to be on the safe side :p
I'm sure sad for you.
But the employer has a higher weight than the employee. It's the same reason that when claiming rape, the smallish girl gets a stronger claim than the big burly defendent. It's more "likely". Depends on the country though.
No, actually, put yourself in his shoes. Think of your wife and your children. OK?   He needs to get as much money out of Apple as he can. You'd do the same, don't lie.
Wasn't that what Samsung did with iPad?   OK, I'm out :p
I tend to agree with that, but on the other hand you read "samscum" so much on this forum that parrots and drivel seem to be pretty much equally shared among pro/con samsung ...
Anyone who thinks his opinion matters when assessing professionnals like this judge might have ego issues. Just saying.
Found the guy who uses the word "Yahoo".    
People ARE throwing bricks at MS over Hotmail though ^^
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