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So you're saying that if the USPTO wronged Samsung and a court, based on the USPTO patent, in turn wronged Samsung, Apple should rightfully be allowed to wrong Samsung? Seems to not make much sense, at least to me.   The USPTO made a mistake, a court made a decision based on that mistake, the USPTO corrects that mistake, so yes, it should be normal that you can overturn the court decision.   Imagine that you have been wrongly convicted for murder based on forensics...
It's more than time that USPTO starts thinking hard about the patents they grant. Ideally they should do that before they grant them. Note that the same people here that went agressive on foreign courts that did not see Samsung as "scum" suddenly seem to change their mind about the USPTO... In the meantime, I've just gotten a Nexus 7 and I'm playing with it, but I hope the iPad Mini rumor turns into glass and aluminum fast, because I also want one
Interesting spelling.
So Japan and the USA find that US company X was hurt by Korean company Y. Why does this sound like not-so-surprising? Oh, because the USA court is from the USA, and the Japanese court is from Japan. I understand this blog is shamelessly dedicated to Apple's stock value, but still, it could help a bit to not show this bias so much.
Our hackers fit in the corporate rules. Of course, that's pretty much what we do...
What kills me is the way some people here bash Android. I have colleagues using it, they're very happy. Why wouldn't "more choice" be a good thing? I want choice, and only iOS is not such a thing. And no, Microsoft doesn't strike me as "another choice".
"Hello, sweetheart. I'm so excited by your picture, please write me asap on sexygirl.apple.xxx" ?
I believe Apple was right, but still I find absolutely ridiculous how people like urbanverb react. Chinese, Korean, German, English courts are all wrong and only the American court that found the American company Apple right against the non-American company Samsung would hold the Truth? Come on. It scares me that people might be so closed-minded.
They never said that a display IS a font smoothing algorithm, but that the users couldn't make the difference between their substandard screen with the algorithm running, and a better screen. If that's true... we'll see.   I bet on user intelligence, on this.
Because, clearly, iPad has 32GB left for your own stuff after you've installed iWork and counting the iOS... That's such a dishonest argument. You ought to say that ipad takes ~9GB OS+iWork where the (more complete) Office, Windows and the .Net environment take 14GB, saving ineffect space that is "stolen" on iOS by code that's uneeded on Windows due to ... .Net environment. Understand me well: I won't get Surface, iPad is clearly superior. I'm just taking that argument...
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