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I approve
Just wow. You forgot to add some lines about being homo, black and Jew.   Android is a great system, which allows programming in a great language (Java). While I can do Java as well as OC, and do, while I have a Mac, an iPad and work on GS3/Nexus 7, I find perfectly OK that people prefer, say, Win8. That's called "open minded".   I would not choose to work for someone who can't understand that if you prefer same-sex partners or another type of smartphone, it is your...
Champagne's not Soda, it's double-fermentation wine. My 2 cents.
You're forgetting one thing here. Mercedes and plane are actually tools in the sense that OWNING them lets you make more money, because you're "trustworthy", you've got them to prove that. Doesn't make sense? Humans.   However, that printer thing is a good example,watch the Jobs@Next dcumentary and you'll find a man with a lot of money that tells you (basically) "we've stopped haggling for good deals, we're paying too much for Macs and paper and ink and (...) and it all...
I'm holding a Nexus 7 right now, and it's got an amazing finish, and a rather smooth UX... I do agree though that the Mini is a strong contender, but looking at pixel count, Nexus 7 has a better screen.
Yeah. Of course. Why did I expect that... Anytime a court makes a decision against Apple, there is a good reason.
Now, I have to say I never liked the idea of sending my every command to a server in the cloud, so maybe this will lead to the happy situation that Apple offers a fabulous service with Siri, and someone else (IBM?) creates a Dragon-like embedded version that works also great.   At least, it will prevent Google from doing the same.
INB4 Android fanboy whine  
So you're saying that if the USPTO wronged Samsung and a court, based on the USPTO patent, in turn wronged Samsung, Apple should rightfully be allowed to wrong Samsung? Seems to not make much sense, at least to me.   The USPTO made a mistake, a court made a decision based on that mistake, the USPTO corrects that mistake, so yes, it should be normal that you can overturn the court decision.   Imagine that you have been wrongly convicted for murder based on forensics...
It's more than time that USPTO starts thinking hard about the patents they grant. Ideally they should do that before they grant them. Note that the same people here that went agressive on foreign courts that did not see Samsung as "scum" suddenly seem to change their mind about the USPTO... In the meantime, I've just gotten a Nexus 7 and I'm playing with it, but I hope the iPad Mini rumor turns into glass and aluminum fast, because I also want one
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