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"Private School", that's fine by me.   Universities are my concern.
My very personal opinion is that this is a scandal. A University, which represents, in my opinion, the right for anyone to access KNOWLEDGE, suddenly makes it mandatory to use the product of a given CORPORATION? And then what's next? Tomorrow, only people driving BMWs can go to the MIT? Only people eating Quaker Oats are allowed in Harvard? What the fucking ****, really. As Apple][ puts it: "these people will now be forced to use an iPad, they have no choice". I don't...
    They're both right, TS. What you're doing and writing here could actually get you prosecuted... It's a really nasty thing to consider people based on their origins, or to smear people because their decisions do not fit your view of the world...
1- The same guys that praised Koh when her decisions were anti-Samsung now despise her. You guys are totally sane of mind, it's obvious. 2- Those same guys obviously have only read the title (kind of misleading), and definitely not the contents...   You know, either you consider that you have to trust Justice and stop whining when Koh's decision don't flatter your sense of what should be, either you just disregard Justice and consider that big business is just a...
If this is a conflict of interest then so are the current jobs of the ex-UK Prime Minister, several US Presidents, the French ex-President... I agree there should be rules. I disagree this should only be limited to Sir Robin.
That sounds liek a pretty bad argument to me. If Apple can win on this, any other company can just harvest any information, whether or not the people signal their opposition... as long as they can't demonstrate that it "causes harm to them". To me, that data harvesting causes harm because it stresses these people. I hope Apple loses on that one (but if it were Samsung, it'd be the same, it's not an Apple issue, it's a privacy rights issue). I'm pretty sure anyone who...
One thing: http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/I_85a2f0_2607182.jpg
He has a point. I'd bet that among those years when Spain brought back TONS of gold from South America were very, very profitable for the Crown. Not to mention the profits of the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie.   In 1637, the Dutch East India Company was the most valuable company in world history. With a value of 78 million Dutch Guilders, Adjusted to 2012 dollars it was worth $7.4 trillion.
Except these guys aren't in the high-end market.
Agreed. Let's hope he goes on a long vacation after his masterplan fails, or we're sure to see a cheap iPhone and all sort of crap if Apple loses to him on this.
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