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By now, most people are bored with the whole Steve Jobs iconic leader story. Did the other film do well? Never liked that Kelso dude, I never bothered to see it and I worked at Apple for many years. I liked iSteve because it was ridiculous and stupidly funny. For a serious look at the history of what made Bill Gates and SJ so rich and successful, nothing will beat Pirates of Silicon Valley to me, because the actors looked like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and the script was...
When the iPhones came out I went down to the Apple store to buy the 6. I wanted to check 'em out before buying. I always thought phablets were too big. As soon as I held the 6 and then picked up the 6 Plus, I knew I would regret not getting the 6 Plus if I went with my original plan. The Plus didn't feel too large at all, it fit fine in my pocket, it had a better camera, it was easier for me to see text. So I changed my mind to the 6 Plus. Problem was there weren't any in...
I only watch TV on a TV set, so I don't need TV or movies on a tiny screen. Besides, CBS is free on antenna in HD. I get all the shows and movies I want on internet, antenna and the library. I just use my old mac mini as a set top box. I cut the cable cord many years ago, and cut netflix not long ago. l know many others that are doing basically the same. Why pay?
I'm just grateful that the timing of Icahns letter was perfect to keep AAPL price from losing to much ground. If there was no Icahn letter, I think AAPL would be at 96 this Friday.
I think Apple should increase their dividend. If they want to attract a lot more investors, a dividend of 3% at least should be offered. ATT's dividend is over 5%. I'm getting 7% to 9% with several other stocks.
Then, in that case Apple will replace it, no charge. Research it.
In a way, I could care less about the graphics performance, my wife's iPhone 4 is ample for anything I will ever do- I'm retired. (I'm getting an iPhone 6 Plus because I need the larger screen for bad eyes) But. what I hate is the Android OS, it's flexible and can have many cool mods, that's cool, but when that excitement fades away, I'm left with a pretty boring and ugly mobile OS. I used Android for a while and got rid of it. I think 100s of thousands more will be...
This is a non-issue that will blow over, it won't even get half as much attention as antenna gate. It's a user's responsibility to take care of their electronics. Don't sit on it, you wouldn't sit on your macbook air would you?
Why doesn't Apple add a row of numbers above the letters on the keyboard. I hate having to change the keyboard in order to type numbers.
I couldn't bend the ones in the Apple Store, although I'm not a body builder, I'm pretty strong. The first thing I checked was how strong it is 'cause it's so long. I'm still getting one, I don't rough up my electronics.
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