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True story. I had a friend that interviewed for a hardware job at Apple that said they hinted at an ARM based macbook. At the time I was working on Mac OS hardware team and asked my bosses about ARM processor macbook coming down the pike and they looked at each other and abruptly became silent. This was back in 2011.
Great article thanks!
I worked on OS's at Apple for years. Never liked iOS, then they made it flat and added multi tasking cards and dynamic menus(ala webOS) to get to settings easier. Still feels un-natural though. I'll stick with webOS for now. My Pre3 has lasted for 3 years and is still going strong even after getting dunked in a pool. Love the interface, still beats iOS in ease of use, love the physical keyboard.
I heard Apple employees talking about the watch at BJs in Cupertino. Its coming soon!
I think Apple should offer an incremental dividend increase program that will keep long term investors longer and attract institutional investors. This has been talked about on cnbc and some articles, but I haven't heard much about it for a while.
I personally rather have a slightly smaller iPhone, in-between an HP Veer size and the current iPhone size. Veers rock except they're a bit too small of a screen for older folks. I worked for years at Apple testing Mac OS hardware/software from System 7 to Lion 10.7- I love Apple products to death. But, I never owned an iPhone, didn't like the iOS until just recently, now that iOS is more.., uh-hum, like webOS (love those cards, and easy access menu to common utilities)....
I figured the price would be 400 max- I even considered buying a green one off contract until I saw 550 price. I'll stick with my HP Pre3 thank you.
There's already an Italian smart watch that works with iPhone, it's $400 though, probably around what apple will charge. That's a lot for saving yourself from reaching into your pocket.
iOS needs webOS style multitasking.
it's a comin'
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