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Looks bigger than last two years.
I admit I didn't like Jobs, personally I didn't like him, as I was privy to a lot of stories about him while working on Keynote. But Jobs was a master of this industry, he motivated people, he excited the public and he was adamant about perfection in the software and hardware. I think as Cook says, Jobs' vision is still the foundation of the company, that will never go away. That is so true, I could see it and feel it working there even after Jobs died. I like Cook, he's...
Samsdung phones are cheap feeling to me and the mobile OS sucks, there's no comparison to Apple products. Shoot, webOS was a better, more elegant system that Android.
HTC has a handset with those bands. I guess it could be made at the same factory.
I went to that school and grew up across the street. So, this is really weird for me to see. The last time I remember going to an Apple introduction at Flint Center was the for first PowerPCs, Power Macintosh 6100, 7100 and 8100. I believe it was a downlinked video of the far away tradeshow keynote, anyways it was my first project at Apple. If I'm not mistaken, Spindler was CEO at the time. I worked on the PDM (pilot down man), OS testing, and 3rd party app integration...
I don't wear a watch and I don't have any reason to check my health or fitness with a watch's sensors. But I hope for Apple's sake, and the stock price, that they release a watch. They are practically obligated to make a watch at this point. And, I believe many will buy it up because they will know that it will be the best one on the market.
Thanks for the responses about the poster, maybe I'm reading too much into it, I didn't even see the apple and leaf, duh. It's funny, trying to figure out from cryptic clues some graphic Apple created reminds me, at Apple, for musical guests at beer bashes, they'd always announce it in an email with a picture of the artist, but only their hands on a guitar or face somehow blocked. They never just said XX so-and-so is playing come see them. Secrecy permeates everything...
Anyone have any guess what the poster graphic may be hinting at? Usually there is some meaning behind the design. I'm gonna guess some new pointing device because the finger like protrusion pointing toward the wave design below it, almost like how you interact with touch pad, or mouse button. Another mousing device seems unlikely, they wouldn't to make a big deal out of that unless the finger is pointing at a brand new device like a watch or touchscreen iMac. Although...
It's true, and some of them never make it to market either, like blu-ray iMacs back in 2009. I wrote a lot of bug reports on those and kinda wished they released them, but I can't really remember the last time I watched a movie on a computer or any small screen. 
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