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What's up with this guy's uniform?   Is this mold?   But anyway he really looks a lot like DH's arguments.   P.S.  Sitting here with my iPad at hand and listening to Neil Young & Crazy Horse streaming from my iPhone over Apple TV into my Home Audio.......   >> Yes count me in to the perfectly satisfied Apple custumers.
The phrase of the day: cloud-based in-app purchase.   Nice! 
As much as I like the developments in iLive, you are right. iWork '09 is really overdue for a major update. Particularly Numbers ought to get a lot of attention by the Apple software developpers. I really love most of everything about Numbers above Excel, but using huge amounts of data makes Numbers look like a snail against Excel. And that's something I really hate myself to have to admitt.
If - and only if BB has no successor of the Z10 up their sleeves, you might be right. But as I mentionrd erlier, I strongly believe, that the Z10 is just the beginning of a new aera at BB. and there are already several prototypes of Z11 underway. If they don't have that - well there is still the option to licence their OS. But that, would certainly just postpone their final downfall. Something I somehow hope they can prevent.
Sorry, I usually share most of your opinions (exept the strictly political ones - but that's OK with me) but in this case, I believe, that you are quite wrong. BB has been undergoing some drastic changes since Billsilly (os so ;-)) has left the battered company. I actually have some hope, that BB becomes at least #3-4 in the Smartphone game. Personally I like BB over MSFT phones or Android phones. Particularly for companies I think BB will soon come right after Apple.
If BB really want's to stay in the smartphone business, I am pretty sure, they are already working on the Z11 as we are speaking. It's the same misconception as many AI- "trolls" have about Apple. They all assume R&D in these companies stop working once they release a new product. But reality is, that they have to start working on the successor product even before the release of the actual product. That's how healthy companies work. I have never had a Z10 in my hands, but...
My personal prediction: It won't win a lot of design awards.
What really makes me almost vomit is that by next week Jefferies and Co. will have made hundreds of thousends of $ just by spreading completely unsupported BS.
I think the weather is going to be horrible tomorrow. I see trolls flying very low recently.
I hate blatant stock manipilation be it this way or that way. But true enogh positive manipulation does in fact enrage me a bit less.
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