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So one of those stupid analysts was for once right about AAPL's short-term future and now he thinks he knows it all.   Strangely I still don't give a penny for his opinion.   And as for TC, I think he is doing a brilliant job. Nothing to complain there. Nothing at all.
If at all, let it be the 3GSs please. 
Yeah perhaps the iWatch. But will it be cheap? I believe if it is coming, it will be priced reasonable, but not cheap.   And yes the iPad 5 is going to be very interesting. 
Please! If you yourself have a eyesight disfunction, don't project this problem to the majority of all the other people. I don't have the best eyesight myself, but as long as I wear my glasses, I see a substantial difference between retina and non retina. Something that must be true even more so for younger people. And younger people are from my point of view definitely the majority. 
After a thousand iterations this rumor get's kind of stale. IMO
There certainly is nothing wrong with evaluating other options. Actually I do that too from time to time. At work I sometimes have no choise but to use PC's (thank good only for controling and retrieving Data of some analytical instruments). But in the case of the iPhone or iPad, there is (for me at least) simply no alternative there.
What's up with this guy's uniform?   Is this mold?   But anyway he really looks a lot like DH's arguments.   P.S.  Sitting here with my iPad at hand and listening to Neil Young & Crazy Horse streaming from my iPhone over Apple TV into my Home Audio.......   >> Yes count me in to the perfectly satisfied Apple custumers.
The phrase of the day: cloud-based in-app purchase.   Nice! 
As much as I like the developments in iLive, you are right. iWork '09 is really overdue for a major update. Particularly Numbers ought to get a lot of attention by the Apple software developpers. I really love most of everything about Numbers above Excel, but using huge amounts of data makes Numbers look like a snail against Excel. And that's something I really hate myself to have to admitt.
If - and only if BB has no successor of the Z10 up their sleeves, you might be right. But as I mentionrd erlier, I strongly believe, that the Z10 is just the beginning of a new aera at BB. and there are already several prototypes of Z11 underway. If they don't have that - well there is still the option to licence their OS. But that, would certainly just postpone their final downfall. Something I somehow hope they can prevent.
New Posts  All Forums: