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    Same here: definitively prior art!   
And that's all that needs to be said. Short post and spot on.
  You had to mention it!  It's entirely your fault now! 
  It would certainly look funny if you would carry it in your breast pocket. 
  Now this will be the end of all remaining Phone booths. We can hide behind our mobiles now.
But not until he's been slapped by each one of us! Who's first?   An I say this as an AAPL owner.
It is a nice design, I think. But apart from being on the blackish side and having the rectangular shape with rounded corners, it's quite a different design. To have a optimal screen size vs. device size ratio, companies are kind of stuck with this shape. What I really wonder is, what are the upper and lower grills for? is it for ventilation, or to they come with such big loudspeakers.
Right! I think it's really lame of Apple, that they are incapable to fix Mcrosofts bugs.
I almost agree with you. But my guess is, that aluminium will play a very minor role, if at all. Many people, including me, dont't react very well to quite a number of metals if exposed directly on skin over a lengthy time. Some people may even get allergic reactions.
Then all of a sudden, "talk to the hand" get's an completely new meaning.
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