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I wish them luck!   If it wasn' for the lack of ecosystem, the Z10 is certainly the second most appealing smartphone to me.
Oh! Now you say it. I always thought... Oh well.
Sounds really horrible what you are suggesting, but don't see many other options. To prove that on the other hand, is not very easy.
Hmm... guess I should consult "Tipps & Tricks in iOS" a bit more. 
Yeah particularly the article you mentioned earlier is so...  so... so.. Oh! It's pure poetry! A real masterpiece.   Do I have to put a /s tag there?
Great little invention. I always find it irritating to have to switch on my iPod/Pad/Phone just to skip a song or to change the volume. I hope this integrates as soon as possible. Maybe iOS7 - Yes?
So one of those stupid analysts was for once right about AAPL's short-term future and now he thinks he knows it all.   Strangely I still don't give a penny for his opinion.   And as for TC, I think he is doing a brilliant job. Nothing to complain there. Nothing at all.
If at all, let it be the 3GSs please. 
Yeah perhaps the iWatch. But will it be cheap? I believe if it is coming, it will be priced reasonable, but not cheap.   And yes the iPad 5 is going to be very interesting. 
Please! If you yourself have a eyesight disfunction, don't project this problem to the majority of all the other people. I don't have the best eyesight myself, but as long as I wear my glasses, I see a substantial difference between retina and non retina. Something that must be true even more so for younger people. And younger people are from my point of view definitely the majority. 
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