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Sorry, I usually share most of your opinions (exept the strictly political ones - but that's OK with me) but in this case, I believe, that you are quite wrong. BB has been undergoing some drastic changes since Billsilly (os so ;-)) has left the battered company. I actually have some hope, that BB becomes at least #3-4 in the Smartphone game. Personally I like BB over MSFT phones or Android phones. Particularly for companies I think BB will soon come right after Apple.
If BB really want's to stay in the smartphone business, I am pretty sure, they are already working on the Z11 as we are speaking. It's the same misconception as many AI- "trolls" have about Apple. They all assume R&D in these companies stop working once they release a new product. But reality is, that they have to start working on the successor product even before the release of the actual product. That's how healthy companies work. I have never had a Z10 in my hands, but...
My personal prediction: It won't win a lot of design awards.
What really makes me almost vomit is that by next week Jefferies and Co. will have made hundreds of thousends of $ just by spreading completely unsupported BS.
I think the weather is going to be horrible tomorrow. I see trolls flying very low recently.
I hate blatant stock manipilation be it this way or that way. But true enogh positive manipulation does in fact enrage me a bit less.
there were some people that bought Kindle Fire tablets. but by now I believe, that market is saturated. So.... hmmmm?   But anal ysts must be trusted! Yes?
Well that would be great. If I buy 1 million AAPL stocks, I would get 100 Million cash.   I would hate to see a great company like Apple to be ripped apart like that though.
Sad thing, too many people will believe guys like this.
The day starts to get better and better.   But then again, I am not really surprised by this. Sammy is known to be corrupt even in Korea. So, why should they suddenly start to play nice?
New Posts  All Forums: