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You may even narrow it down to a single person called Eric Schmidt.......
"cites-stiff-smartphone-competition" Translate: Apple made it more difficult for Samsung to steal IP.
Well if you would look a little bit further than the tip of your nose, you might have realized, that Yosemite hasn't launched yet either. That makes the two events indeed comparable. They were both first glimpses of an upcoming new OS
XP runs just fine. I use it to control some analytical instruments. No need to upgrade (Thank Good!!!).
That seem logic.
Now I almost choked!
And where does this place Windows XP?
TC careful as ever. As much as I would have liked him to dump Samsung for good, I guess he did the right thing.
Usually after big announcements AAPL goes into free fall. I am just happy for now, that it holds its current value.And hopefully slowly starts to ramp up again.
New Posts  All Forums: