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Wait until more and more people realize, how much faster it is to learn to use iWorks and how much quicker you are with iWorks to bring your data into a presentable form. I predict within the next year ( unless MS changes dramatically their Office Software {pricing included}) people will start leaving MS-Office behind like rats a sinking ship and then even more people will migrate to tablet computers because of their superior mobility and longer battery life.
Meaning an outdated operating system is boosting PC sales?!This is really a take home message for the Windows 8 developers. Oh dear has it come that far with M$ already. NB. Tried out the new release of Numbers and I am impressed. The speed gain to the previous version is mind blowing. Leaves Excel for the first time behind.So far Excel was my first choice when ever I had to do spreadsheet calculation and data visualization with really huge data sets. Otherwise I already...
.That is truely an amazing video!Thanks for sharing
Some mourning on your side... some cheering on my side.... then we continue doing business as usual.My guess is, that I will be a little better off on my side.
 I just wonder.... Delta Airlines will belong to those 0.-something% that make out the windows tablet usage in enterprises. Well done Delta!
I can understand perfectly well, why Fox News doesn't need higher resolution on their screens. To retweet some tweets it is absolutely sufficient. But I guess they could have saved some bucks.  LOL
 But obviously those will be used in server class smartphones only. LOL.
I am sure, this will destroy Apple once and forever! /s
Some sad Blackberry developers might find a new goal in their lifes....
@Wolifes 167 There's a zillion trolls flooding this forum using this same old tactic to do some Apple bashing. Now THIS is what makes you look so terribly old.
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