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 This is a funny Idea with the 4 prints in a case where there is high security required. But to simply unlock my iPhone in a most convenient way one simple print is more secure than enough. It is certainly more secure then what 95% of iPhone users do right now.
 Exactly! I doubt that very much. So if... and if at all, any of this claim is remotely true, this is a very valid point. Whenever I see some fingerprints on any surface, they tend to be smeared and after a lot of photoshopping, they would need to be run against a FP database to be verified and only after positive match you might have some confidence to have obtained a valid fingerprint. But what if the owner used the pinky to unlock his device (as some people here already...
 >> read the /s << stands for sarcasm. ;-)
 I saw him waiting outside a Samsung Store ( there were 0 people waiting in line ), but there was no iPhone available.
Thanks Tim!!! Your statements just made my day.  
I wish you good luck and will be looking forward to your comments once you got yours!
 Yes, but it seems it's a china only addition.
 Don't forget the use it has as an addition to any percussion set.You can click it and break it. Gives you two interesting sound modi.
I am sure nobody would preorder anything like an iPhone because It never happened in the past.   /s
On other News: Jefferies channel survey of Apples C-Weapon supply chain show, that Apple has delivery issues there as well. Ergo AAPL is going to plummet even further. (WSJ).
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