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I can see AAPL shares collapsing after this dreadful news.   /s
And who on earth possibly cares what they are going to unpack? This will be a very lonely event with a couple of paid schills attending.
Ouch!   That must hurt a little.
Big cudos for your patience!
O Oooh! Wonder what Android Version "MIUI" is built upon. Or is this "MIUI" a Google creation??? This didn't clearly come thru. At least not to me....
Uh no!, What an inadequate comment. In many aspects Excel is inferior to Numbers. In some aspects it's the just the other way around. In my case, I use them both. Depending my needs, I use one or the other. They are more complementary than most people assume.
By now there are far more nails than wood in this coffin.
There is so much that people don't need but they still buy them (me included).If you want something and if you have the spare money..........What keeps you waiting?I say enjoy your live as long as it lasts.
I actually ordered one of those american - Macs. I really hope it lasts longer than a cheeseburger.
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