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By now there are far more nails than wood in this coffin.
There is so much that people don't need but they still buy them (me included).If you want something and if you have the spare money..........What keeps you waiting?I say enjoy your live as long as it lasts.
I actually ordered one of those american - Macs. I really hope it lasts longer than a cheeseburger.
And how many years did it take Apple to copy this from Android?/s
The US government still has a very high opinion of BB.... doesn't let the President have his iPhone.
Sounds like being young for ever.
Same here.What a beatiful way to advertise a hitech product. Congratulations to the production team.And so different from everithing else. No mockery against competition!
Does this mean, I should throw my freshly unpacked iPad Air right out of the window? This kind of stories get more and more reticulous. Even soma double blinded WSJ jerks should realize: this is a 100% made up story.
Besides the "fresh coffee" function for the iPhone, we are all waiting for.
As you are a junior admin, so is iCloud a junior service. It will need some time to develop further. For this, real life feedback is extremely important. And for this to happen, some companies will have to start using it. Give it a little time because the potential to speed up projects with in enterprises seems to me very promising.
New Posts  All Forums: