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I can understand perfectly well, why Fox News doesn't need higher resolution on their screens. To retweet some tweets it is absolutely sufficient. But I guess they could have saved some bucks.  LOL
 But obviously those will be used in server class smartphones only. LOL.
I am sure, this will destroy Apple once and forever! /s
Some sad Blackberry developers might find a new goal in their lifes....
@Wolifes 167 There's a zillion trolls flooding this forum using this same old tactic to do some Apple bashing. Now THIS is what makes you look so terribly old.
And yet they may go through all Kamasutra positions with their Kickstand.
This is by far the most ugly advertising of an Apple product I have ever seen. I just hope all the 740M China Mobile customers won't mind.
 So we all have to assume, that you got your 5s already! jealous!  
 This is a funny Idea with the 4 prints in a case where there is high security required. But to simply unlock my iPhone in a most convenient way one simple print is more secure than enough. It is certainly more secure then what 95% of iPhone users do right now.
 Exactly! I doubt that very much. So if... and if at all, any of this claim is remotely true, this is a very valid point. Whenever I see some fingerprints on any surface, they tend to be smeared and after a lot of photoshopping, they would need to be run against a FP database to be verified and only after positive match you might have some confidence to have obtained a valid fingerprint. But what if the owner used the pinky to unlock his device (as some people here already...
New Posts  All Forums: