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 >> read the /s << stands for sarcasm. ;-)
 I saw him waiting outside a Samsung Store ( there were 0 people waiting in line ), but there was no iPhone available.
Thanks Tim!!! Your statements just made my day.  
I wish you good luck and will be looking forward to your comments once you got yours!
 Yes, but it seems it's a china only addition.
 Don't forget the use it has as an addition to any percussion set.You can click it and break it. Gives you two interesting sound modi.
I am sure nobody would preorder anything like an iPhone because It never happened in the past.   /s
On other News: Jefferies channel survey of Apples C-Weapon supply chain show, that Apple has delivery issues there as well. Ergo AAPL is going to plummet even further. (WSJ).
 This is kind of self evident. But for all those WSJ nose pickers it will take 6 more months to realize. Oh well.... 
But you could have said, it was powered by a KICK ASS chip (at least at that time). ;-)>> on topic: Just watched the trailer for the show (captured on iPone 5s's). Looks great.
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