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That's not true!!!   I can clearly make out a faint red line hovering just a tiny little bit above the 0% line!  LOL
I really like how the first ever iPad still beats any other "competitive" tablet. I say this is amazing. But in no time Apple's iOS will be pushed into utter irrelevance. /s
  What can I buy at Facebook?   Can you buy friends there?  ;-)
Yeah sure Apple has to come up with something really ugly to compete with samsung. LOL
WTF ???   Again:  WTF???
Don't ask me! 
What else should they vote then? Tea pots?
Coming here to read about news from Apple, I find Google, M$, and a lot of Samsung stuff instead.   Oh well! Still hoping for a change! 
Yes, if it actually was a MS ad.But I think you should aknowledge this to be a Nokia ad.
If you ask me, you may post this same sentence next year and the year after as well. The MBA design still tops everything in this price segment (and below). I tend to call it timeless.
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