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It looks awful, But strangely enough it still stands positively out against any of Sammy's Smartphones.   So maybe it's worth they try it.
  Like it!
I found one. It's really shocking.   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wheres-my-water/id449735650?mt=8   And you can see......totally nude in the shower.
So in the Chinese App Store you can download porn Apps, where as in the rest of the world we can't.   We should definitely sue Apple for chinese favoritism!
Why do they bother to open a new store in Berlin? Nobody buys any Apple products anymore. /s
But last time I checked, there were still plenty of girls walking the earth. Do you really want to shut them out?   That's sad.
1. Most people I know, including me are doing more with our devices the staring at the UI.   2. Actually the visual difference between Retina display and "normal"- display, is not dependent on the complexity of a Logo/ Symbol.  
Good point! Chinese ways are unfathomable!
Unfotunately Apple's supply chain situated in China is really huge. If at all, there can only be a stepwise and very slow move out of China. Moreover, I don't think, that Chinas threat will have more consequences, than a short time dive of AAPL. Since Apple is doing really well, the stock will recover rather sooner than later.
please just go away
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