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Sometimes I admire your stamina with certain posters.
Absolutely right!Can't wait to get hold on one.
I am sure, an army of Samesungs copy slaves are right now day an night trying to retroengineer what's been shown here.
I think all the 5C and the 5S series are just gorgeous. I feel tempted to buy one of each. But probably end up with the steel grey of the 5S series. Anyway all these phones are worth every penny!! Those analysts got it so backwards, which they did again and again in the past.   But I don't care. As long as Apple keeps on it's track and doesn't start to listen to those whiners.I am perfectly happy.
Don't forget the 15" iPod touch! It's sceduled for summer 2014.
[[SPOILER]]I hope I am not wrong, but I think Mr. Ballsillie is still looking for a new opportunity to mess around...I think he's the man!
Now and then we all have to respect Androids dominance. 
does it click when you insert the iPad?
Are you for real??
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