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It mirrors my user experience perfectly all the newer generation Apple devices are rock solid and perform very well inclusive my newest iOS devices (iP4 and iPAD 3G).
You must be living in a different universe. Nobody here is embarrassed about any iPhone antenna. Sorry if you feel bad.
Out of pure curiosity, I wish, AI would resolve the graph for some of the most important PC manufacturers?
Windows 7 seems to be some light shining in the dark of Windows World. But for now I think I keep on using apple for my main computing needs.
You should not eat those documents. Once in your stomach they start to google.
Oh my god so much rain, and I forgot my umbrella. I wish I was in a walled garden here. Luckily you are not thowing ligtening bolts yet. Keep it calm and start something creative. You can do that without 10'000'000$
I think, you should think different about this don't you all think so too ?
It's enogh that your iPhone knows who you are. It will call the nearest taxi driver and you will be brought home savely. But next thing in the morning your beloved device will give you some headache and say iToldyouso !!
Hmmm, it's just that I actually do not have an opposing opignion to what you are stating. I just extrapolate from the picture given by AI (landscape only) and the info accessible on the SI webpage design and come to the conclusion, that design and quality are of a standard, where usually nobody should make a big fuss. The Idea of having a landscape only digital magazine needs to be a desicion made by the graphic designer which I do respect without question.
I get your point. The Nissan is for many people (count me in) over blown. But that's the nice thing, you don't have to click on it, and it shouldn't disturb you any further. And then again, some people might be impressed by the looks of the nissan ad, and that's all it needs for a successfull advertiement. So everybody ought to be happy, I guess....
New Posts  All Forums: