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My thought 1:1 !
See ya!
What good is an iPhone with a pre-paid service anyway? It's like a Ferrari with no gasoline tank.
I can't blame you for that. Since every body thinks his own universe is the real one. I hope in yours its not all black and gloomy and that there is some sun shining from time to time.
It mirrors my user experience perfectly all the newer generation Apple devices are rock solid and perform very well inclusive my newest iOS devices (iP4 and iPAD 3G).
You must be living in a different universe. Nobody here is embarrassed about any iPhone antenna. Sorry if you feel bad.
Out of pure curiosity, I wish, AI would resolve the graph for some of the most important PC manufacturers?
Windows 7 seems to be some light shining in the dark of Windows World. But for now I think I keep on using apple for my main computing needs.
You should not eat those documents. Once in your stomach they start to google.
Oh my god so much rain, and I forgot my umbrella. I wish I was in a walled garden here. Luckily you are not thowing ligtening bolts yet. Keep it calm and start something creative. You can do that without 10'000'000$
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