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Would be nice to see how matters will change after sunset. The time of the day, when most people start reading books for leisure.
You may be even more annoyed when I tell you, that I have both a 24" matte and a 24" glossy monitor, and can tell you that since contrast and color saturation is considerably better on the glossy monitor, I actually prefer to work on the glossy monitor. Indeed I am thinking of replacing my matte 24" with the glossy 27" once it's available.
A: This is not the proper thread or forum to ask for support.B: You have to be a lot more specific - What iTunes version are you syncing with- what computer to you sync withetc.but seriously, try better the support page at www.apple.com there are a lot of helpful threads in the user forum as well as FAQ's covering this kind of problems.
As much as I like the new look of the iP4, I just think it's not quiet possible to make the new iPod touch so slim and light using the iP4 design. They had to make choices and they went for ultimate slimness.
You probably mean UNIX server not Linux server, wich is like OS X or iOS a UNIX derivate.
Congratulations!!! I still have to make up my mind wether to buy the nano or go straight to the touch.
I hope the next upgrade comes with an optional wrist band and supports bluetooth headsets. That would be sooo neat.
Actually you do have vioce command in the iPhone since 3GS and equipped with mic and all the new iPod touch should have this option too. So although the voice command needs a huge overhaul for playing music it kind of works.
Now that's supposed to be sarcastic, is it?
Just what I have been successfully convincing myself
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