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Yea, it's an amazing application! The rendering is very nice done. And absolutely, the size of the iPad gives just enough room, thet you can enjoy the beauty of the starry sky. On my Mac I use Starry Night for my amateur astronomy studies. But so far I have been rather reluctant, to take my MBP on field trips at night. The iPad comes in just very handy.
Finally somebody had the guts to do all the calcutations.. Thanks, and you are right the iPhone is and feels fatter than the iPad (what doesn't prevent me from loving it). And according to your calculations the galaxy will settle somewhere in between. Now since this tread is about the comparison between two tablets, and not between tablets and phones, we should stick to that, unless you want to bring TV's and home stereo and maybe dish washers in to the equation as well.
You just hit the nail. Thats exactly what most of the complaining people don't realize. The iPad has found it's proper place and usability just in the way you described it in your post. To me this happend in an astonishingly quick pace. But of course some real heavy stuff like creating complex databases or many heavy design stuff, you will always rely on computers attached to big screens and OS's that can run the respective software. But apart from that there are so many...
You give ihm a lot of credit !
The dispute was about fatness not thickness if you want to be picky. And fatness is all about proportions. But maybe this knowledge has not yet reached all states of US.
Hmmm... Salesman, are you?
I really like my iPad, but so far it never came to my mind as to hug it. But yeah lovely picture. Wish you two good luck.
Have you ever heard the term proportions. Go calculate and get a tiny bit wiser if you can't grasp the difference by eye.
Huh thats really fat. I guess it's all the additional connectivity that comes with a price.
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