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if this would only be all true... I'm just ready to upgrade my 1st gen iPod touch, since it reached it's storage capacity long time. The cameras etc. are of course nice for all those without an iP4. Facetime everywere.
Now this is the most ridiculous BS I have heard for a long time. So far the iP4 is constantly sold out. Where as most android phones are piling up in stores like moldy sausages. And I can tell since I am living here myself. Go tell your laughable stories elsewhere.
Your post is utterly unspecific. Why could you be so shure? Apple did a lot off stuff, most people found even more unlikely than an all-in-one TV in 1 - 3 years
Hmm.. there are still Apple TV - blind spots on earth. So apple should push licencing in other countries. Still I'm not shure wether a new apple TV concept would seduce me into buying such a gadget. Never was too much in to TV. So my expectations are not all to high. But I am open for surprises.
Don't be afraid there is no such a thing as a new iPhone to be expected anytime sonn. The current one just rocks. No improovement needed.
It's about time.
Good luck with your job at the apple store. I just hope you don't end up like those people who loved chocolate so much, that twey decided to get a job in a chocolate factory, and after a couple of months surrounded by all this sweet stuff, they couldn't even look at chocolate any more. But anyway I have to agree with you, applications like in iLife would certainly make sense on an iPad. Would buy it instantly without hesitation. With iWorks they did such a fantastic...
Hearing this from you, I can draw only one single conclusion - you sill don't own an iPad and you havn' t yet expirienced it's genuine possibilities. And btw Numbers on the iPad just rocks as does Keynote and Pages. If you like the iWorks suit on a Mac, there is no way that you would't love these applications on the iPad.
Exactly, but you know my guts are telling me the next product they are working on, is a portable 15" monitor to connect to the jumblemumble iPad - keyshell devices. Ahd don't forget the foldable desk to install everything properly.
I hope you still find an empty (meaning gadget free) spot at your place to have a nap from time to time. I hear sleeping on a pile of netbooks, mobile phones and laptops is not very healthy for your back.
New Posts  All Forums: