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Well he is not completely bald yet. Let's see what happens when Windows Mobile 7 phones get launched.
Of course you are right. But sadly the antenna is not quiet the topic here, although I truly think the way apple managed to have it placed exterior is really amazing. Getting back to the topic, it would be nice to see the sales data more comparative. The iP4 had it's rollout now in quite a few countries. But except for US- sales and isolated other countries here and there, we can't find a lot of data. But maybe it's just me being overly impatient.
Finally after 26 Years!! This is really ridiculous. And Historic come on!! it doesn't look like more than 50-80 Years old. I hope for steve, he finds a great architect who builds something fabulous that is worth the money.
You know, they are not such a tech savvy organisation.
I would like to see some trolls here. Are they still asleep?
Yeah, and the years are passing ever so quickly! Christmas seems like yesterday!! Now now please make your self a nice cup of coffee and relax a little in your couch. And don't forget to put that cushion in your back, as well as the wool blanket on your legs.
Maybe if there is a way to hack an android phone and install iOS, the problems could be fixed?
... And no Cellphones but Blackberries.
Absolutely. My opinion.
Yes, and you know what? Elvis Presley is still alive. He just came by for dinner yesterday. I totally agree with you these are silly rumors.
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