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I hope you still find an empty (meaning gadget free) spot at your place to have a nap from time to time. I hear sleeping on a pile of netbooks, mobile phones and laptops is not very healthy for your back.
On the first look it seems to be nice. .... Just don' look twice!honestly now, I have bought my iPad 64GB 3G along with a Bluetooth Keyboard because well I just thought along similar lines as you do. But guess what, I never ever used the Keyboard, because the virtual one is always at hand, adapts perfectly to the tasks you need, and it saves so much space. So to conclude: on the second look this keyboard-shell thingy is about as usless as a refrigerator built into an...
You must feel very lonely with your opignion, sorry\
Will the iPad killers strike at night, when everybody is asleep? Do I have to be afraid for my iPad??? Should I take preventive actions????I am so scared!BEWARE OF THE iPAD KILLER
Who want's to debate with Trolls? You'd have to learn trollish? First lesson: rant, rant, rant, .... Second lesson: repeat the first lesson etc.
See! The iPad is so completely useless for productivity. Nobody want's it, nobody can find a purpose for it. it's piling up in the stores. Apple is going down.
Apple would produce US made rubber boots. That's what Nokia used to be really good at.http://www.nokianfootwear.fi/eng/our_story/
Hi FreeRange, I am not american (just to have it mentioned) and I truly appreciate your rather insightful comment, although, I would say that you bring it on a little too hard. Of course I have the feeling myself, that many US- citizens don't really understand the concept, if shipping east or west, that they will find other landmasses than america.
Yeah right!!! Lets use Robots and manufacturing lines, and fire all these employees who need money to get food clothes and god knows what. You know AjitMD before making such bold statements you should compare the working conditions in other places in china. I can tell you Foxconn is comparatively all right. The problem there is to 95% that the employees are isolated from their social groups where they used to live. This said, I have certainly the opinion, that Foxconn...
Well he is not completely bald yet. Let's see what happens when Windows Mobile 7 phones get launched.
New Posts  All Forums: