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Your post is utterly unspecific. Why could you be so shure? Apple did a lot off stuff, most people found even more unlikely than an all-in-one TV in 1 - 3 years
Hmm.. there are still Apple TV - blind spots on earth. So apple should push licencing in other countries. Still I'm not shure wether a new apple TV concept would seduce me into buying such a gadget. Never was too much in to TV. So my expectations are not all to high. But I am open for surprises.
Don't be afraid there is no such a thing as a new iPhone to be expected anytime sonn. The current one just rocks. No improovement needed.
It's about time.
Good luck with your job at the apple store. I just hope you don't end up like those people who loved chocolate so much, that twey decided to get a job in a chocolate factory, and after a couple of months surrounded by all this sweet stuff, they couldn't even look at chocolate any more. But anyway I have to agree with you, applications like in iLife would certainly make sense on an iPad. Would buy it instantly without hesitation. With iWorks they did such a fantastic...
Hearing this from you, I can draw only one single conclusion - you sill don't own an iPad and you havn' t yet expirienced it's genuine possibilities. And btw Numbers on the iPad just rocks as does Keynote and Pages. If you like the iWorks suit on a Mac, there is no way that you would't love these applications on the iPad.
Exactly, but you know my guts are telling me the next product they are working on, is a portable 15" monitor to connect to the jumblemumble iPad - keyshell devices. Ahd don't forget the foldable desk to install everything properly.
I hope you still find an empty (meaning gadget free) spot at your place to have a nap from time to time. I hear sleeping on a pile of netbooks, mobile phones and laptops is not very healthy for your back.
On the first look it seems to be nice. .... Just don' look twice!honestly now, I have bought my iPad 64GB 3G along with a Bluetooth Keyboard because well I just thought along similar lines as you do. But guess what, I never ever used the Keyboard, because the virtual one is always at hand, adapts perfectly to the tasks you need, and it saves so much space. So to conclude: on the second look this keyboard-shell thingy is about as usless as a refrigerator built into an...
You must feel very lonely with your opignion, sorry\
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