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I see. And the totality of the four pages of postings on this thread are informed opinion? Informed by who? This thread is about whether Verizon will get an iPhone. Who among us has information? No, this thread is pure speculation. You don't know any more than I do. So by that reasoning, there is every chance I am completely right and you all are completely wrong. Which you are.
Thanks for the advice.
Totally agree. +1 Spot on
It's not an argument, it's a friendly discussion. Why get so upset? Can't you take anyone else's opinion but your own? Are you that insecure in yourself? Or are you just a fanboy who can't tolerate anything negative about your heros?I was expecting you to tell me that you email videos from your iPhone 4 all the time with no problem whatsoever. Don't you?
Blackintosh and Whitentosh are the same person. Both accounts banned.
Blackintosh and Whitentosh are the same person. Both accounts banned.
Used a second account. Banned.
Never Say Never Again. Great Bond movie. Think I'll rent it on Apple TV tonight. Kim Basinger.
I don't think you are morons. I think you are just confused. Thats why I try to help. What are friends for? As far as total failure, I never talk in extremes, you guys know that. I never use the AI forum favorite slogan "epic fail." Look, lets cut the crap here. For the past three and a half years there has been feverous discussion of Verizon getting the iPhone. And most of the community here is exceedingly against it. I've always been mystified how people on a...
I could care less how one company is doing vs another. The iPhone should be on all the carriers so it would sell better and make more money for the shareholders. I'm in this for the money. Apple and Verizon and AT&T are corporations. They are not football teams or rock stars. I don't root for one over the other. I advocate partnering between these companies. Put the pom poms away. And take off those hot-pants!!!
New Posts  All Forums: