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Ferget it. I can't figure out how to upload a picture!
Yeah, Verizon has really been licking their wounds the last three and a half years. They don't have anything that compares to the iPhone. They really took a pasting. *sigh* Fanboys fanboys.Like I always said, this forum has a dozen or so people who make absurd statements and the rest chime in with totally agree, plus one and spot on. Occasionally we get a "you got that right" as well. Verizon does not "need" apple. Nor does Adobe, Java or anyone else. Apple's...
You are not everybody.
Someone should pick them up and put them on the table.
Hopefully it will be the consumer who wins, not some rich telecom company. Honestly, how do people end up being fanboys of and rooting for some corporation?Go BP???
Why not? They always did before and the Mac community loved them for it. Note I said the Mac community. I am referring to the true community, not this forum, which is the Bizzarro Mac community.
Everybody who NEEDS it to view their favorite websites. That's how many.
So I'm supposed to add another contraption to the cart to make my device work? All for the glory of having a revolutionary iPad? That sounds insane to me. How about you? Before you answer, turn off the RDF and put down the Apple pie and think for a minute. Are you gettin' it?
What's the difference? It doesn't work on all carriers right now. If you are a business person and you are on the road and need to stay connected and you work in an area with poor ATT coverage, you will not buy an iPad and you may get this HP thing with the USB port. That is bad for Apple's business which affects the stock holders. Get it?
Be happy to. Apple has absolutely no business chaining the iPad to AT&T's 3G network. You might be able to justify this in the phone space, but the iPad is not a phone and it should have been open to every carrier from day one. To do otherwise is monolithic and I think we have enough of that in this business. Put a USB port and let users get the best service for the area of the planet they work in. Do that and anyone can buy an iPad and use it in the Enterprise...
New Posts  All Forums: