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As far as the Apple Insider forum is concerned, Verizon is a crap company. Like adobe and consumer reports. At least until they get the Steve Jobs seal of approval next year.
What? Steve Jobs hates a cup of Java now?? I don't even know what this is, but can I assume that another portion of the web will be unavailable to Mac users? Steve Jobs has a really hard time partnering with people, doesn't he??
I hope the rumors don't swirl down the toilet. Thought we might see an announcement yesterday. Don't really care myself. I just want to see everybody here that said it could not be done proven WRONG! Ahh hah hah hah
Great Answer!
Probably true. If I were CEO of Adobe, Apple would never see another product from me. I would tell Steve to take his "thoughts on Flash" letter and wipe up his reality distortion field with it.
Even if it does suck, Microsoft will spend billions advertising it and public perception will be that it's great. Just like those laptop hunter commercials that played into the "apple tax" perception. Just like those goofy AT&T commercials where they cover the earth with orange sheets. Just like Apple did with those FaceTime commercials which made it look like you could video call anybody when there were limitations.
I can't. I don't have a MacBook Air. So I take you're word for it. This being the case, what is the point of the article? Did my iMac not have flash installed? Did I install it? I don't remember doing that. In fact, I never even knew what Flash was until the first iPhone didn't have it and websites didn't correctly. Not everyone is a geek developer. Please remember that Macs are supposed to be for mere mortals. Isn't that why OSX comes with drivers for nearly...
Like the boss said, this is the future of computing. You will only get what Steve Jobs wants you to get. Never mind what you want. Still liking it??
Oh! I'm not leaving. I may stop using Apple products in the future if they don't stop telling me what to do, but I'll still be a stockholder. Who wouldn't love a company that could hand rat poison to it's customers and they would gulp it down like candy because they are hypnotized by it's CEO and will do whatever he says.
I'm not a tea bagger, nor am I a Fanboi. But your welcome anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: