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What agenda? Think I'm crossing a line? Just tell the moderator. I'm used to it.
Well, there you have it. Steve Jobs has seized full control over your user experience. Thus ends the best computing experience in existance. It was good while it lasted. From now on you will do exactly what Steve Jobs wants you to do. No porn, no reading of any magazines that do not meet Jobs' and Gore's political agendas, no watching of any content that doesn't come from iTunes or Netflix. And I would expect that partnership to go by the wayside eventually since...
Dear Steve Jobs Please don't get rid of DVD burning in iLife. It's too soon to abandon DVD's as a method of sharing content. I know you and your Hollywood friends are getting killed by piracy and you want everyone to watch streaming media over HDMI so it can't be stolen. That's why you made the new Apple TV only work with HDMI right? But those evil five year old pirates are going to figure out how to hack whatever you come up with anyway so please leave DVD...
I like Dunkin' Donuts coffee better.
Always glad to be of service.
Typical AI forum poster response. Rude, unable to look past you're own nose or listen to anyone else. But I forgive you. You're under Steve Jobs' spell so you can't help yourself. Ahh hah hah!!
Fanboi got nailed!
Wow! This is what I have been saying all along! And I have been attacked, insulted and repeatedly banned for it. Glad to know there are SOME normal people in the world.
I would assume Apple wanted a bag of money from them in return for the license. Apple has the patent on the connector, right?
It could be habit that scared my friend off of getting a MacBook. People are used to doing things a certain way for many years and Apple comes up with a different way which freaks people out. Personally I don't have an issue with an improved battery, but I still think the non removable part was unnecessary and either a way to get you into the store or a way to keep you from tossing old batteries into the landfill.
New Posts  All Forums: