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Someone at work was considering a MacBook. I had him 99% sold until we got to the non removable battery. I gave him all the Steve jobs' arguments (better battery life, better design, think different, etc) but in the end I lost him. A non removable battery is just too weird for a lot of people. Glad I have an older MacBook with a removable battery, matte screen and firewire. I hope it lasts forever.
I don't know Mr. H. You can be a bit judgmental and inflexible at times. And such negativity in your post. Also, isn't name calling forbidden here? If so, you shouldn't refer to people as stupid.
I don't like Mr. H either. Of course it could be because he bans me from time to time. Hi everyone. I'm back!
Oh. So it's a fan site? A news site? Real journalism? If I had not posted a single thing on this forum today, the conversation surly would have been along the lines of "I can't believe AI even mentions these Verizon rumors."
So you are in favor of censorship? Can you not even tolerate another opinion besides your own? Do you find absolutely no merit in any single thing I have said? Anything?
Interesting you should say that. It's probably how the whole walled garden mentality got started. As an aside, Jobs did say at D-8 that Apple is run like a "startup" to this day.
The auto industry partnered with Microsoft and Apple to integrate their products into cars. Airlines partner with food companies to feed passengers. Cable providers partner with HBO and networks to carry content. Don't know what to tell you about the oil company. They partner with the yacht companies to get the best ships for their employees I guess. Business is about partnerships. And Apple flounders in this area. Even Jobs admitted that at the D-? conference with...
A devil's advocate contributes more than a bunch of fanboys telling each other that they are right about everything and everyone else is wrong. +1 Spot on Totally agree Besides, what do you want me to contribute anyway? Let's be real here. The only reason we come here is to get inside info on Apple to make money. I don't have any inside info. Just my opinion on where the company is going based on what I read here, at 9 to 5 mac, MacWorld, Consumer Reports and the...
How can you say that? I bought an iMac, a MacBook Pro, three generations of iPhone, a dozen iPods over the years and I'm a snappy dresser. I prefer to be judged by the company I keep. And that's YOU my friend. Please remember I am the spiritual leader of the Apple Insider forum.
Sooo, because they are a big company that makes them right?
New Posts  All Forums: