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It's interesting that you choose those particular words. In all the forums I have visited, I find this one to the the most arrogant, intolerant, and bigoted (from a tech standpoint) forum in the world. As I have stated before, this forum consists of about a dozen people who want to hear themselves talk, and then their buddies chime in with +1 or spot on or totally agree. Any outsider who tries to comment here is dismissed as a troll or utterly ignored. Anything I say...
Agreed, but is that Apple's job? Should Apple deny itself substantial profit just to teach Verizon a lesson?
It only took four pages of post, but I finally got someone to see the light. It was worth blowing an entire morning to hear this.
Don't listen to him. Censorship is wrong. Don't be afraid of new ideas.
Actually I'm pretty high functioning with ATT. But I realize others are not and believe they should have options. As a shareholder, I expect the management at Apple to do everything they can to increase business. And being buddies with Verizon would accomplish this. I think in a big way.
Oh. So because Apple is a big company they must be right??
I think you meant to say every time blackintosh makes a great argument of logic. And you should refer to my posts as outstanding. Cause they are.
Sure sounds like what you said to me. Maybe I'm just reading into the f*** part.
I think there are a lot of people who think like I do. I think there are a lot of people who want an iPhone but can't get one because there is no service where they are. I think if the iPhone was open to all cell providers it would be a good thing for the world. And if it drives the AI forum nuts in the process, so be it!
I do not live with my parents. I'm a grownup! My parents passed away long ago without ever knowing the internet or the Mac experience. I think they would have liked it. And my mind is open. Just like my yap!
New Posts  All Forums: