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It's not about being perfect. It's about the fact that no carrier is everywhere. If you don't have coverage you can't buy the product and that results in lost revenue and that is bad business. You know, most people go to college for years to learn the secret of good business and you people get it from me for free. What a deal.
I could go play elsewhere. OR!!! Apple could change to suit ME!
Really? I remember watching the Keynote and being blown away. I immediately realized how useful this thing could be. It was very cool.
Hey, no blasphemy! I LOVE your argument, that because Apple is a large company they must be right. It takes me back to the old PC vs Mac discussions we used to have here. Every time some fanboy puffed out his chest and sang the praises of Apple, some PC fan would chime in with the old market share argument. If Microsoft was a bigger company then anything they did must be right. So, Apple is big enough that we can use that argument here in the Verizon vs ATT debate? ...
Okay fine. Maybe ATT was a good fit for Apple in the beginning. But it's over three years later. Time to kiss and make up with Verizon. And T Mobile. And the rest...
Umm, their network is not everywhere. How are you going to rule the world like that? Leave off the "umm" next time will you?
I'm not wrong about the fact that Apple would sell more phones if they opened to other carriers. And all I said was that if V Cast is the only sticking point, then put it on the phone and move on. As for your other points, you must know that the original Apple TV was designed mainly for the purpose of iTunes consumption. Allowing NetFlix on the Apple TV was a major shift in the Apple TV "mission." I'm shocked Apple allowed it, but they did and the thing is selling...
Yes, I'm completely wrong and you're completely right. There is no room for anyone else's opinions other than yours and the ones on this forum. Please forgive me and don't tell the moderator or else I will be censored and banned. Thank you for this informative, mature and not the least bit nasty post.
They could put the logo on the back. No one would see it if the phone is in a case As far as understanding a good thing, wouldn't it be a good thing for someone who lives in an area with no ATT coverage to be able to get an iPhone? It's really that simple when you look at it logically.
Of all the things I said today, that was your example of talking like an abnormal person? Did I break any forum rules today? Did I attack anyone like I was repeatedly attacked yesterday? If not then why are you censoring me? Because of sarcasm? Do you read the other posts here? Do what you have to do. This is the way I talk. It sounds normal to me.
New Posts  All Forums: