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I have them. I sweep up at ATT headquarters on the weekend. I'll get you a copy.
Not making a deal with Verizon was a terrible mistake on Jobs' part. As Android gets stronger it will continue to bite Apple on the ass. Apple could have had it all in the smartphone space. I'm not saying it was as big a blunder as letting Microsoft get the upper hand with the desktop, but Apple could have done much better had they opened up the phone to all carriers right from the start. As far as the best designed smartphone, that's only true if it's in a case.
A controlled user experience. Otherwise known as a walled garden. Sorry for the blaspheme. No offense intended in this particular case. I'll have to think of a synonym. How about delusions of grandeur??
You included several rolling eyes in your post like I said something foolish. I'm supposed to know the percentage of Apps that crash before I'm allowed to post here? Okay. Give me an hour or so. I'm going to download every app in the store and test them one at a time and figure out the percentage of Apps that crash. Lord knows I wouldn't want my posts to appear emotional and uninformed. I want to sound intelligent. Like all of my forum friends here.
So the iPhone was wildly successful before it was released? Isn't that the time frame when the original negotiations took place? There's that word again. Idiotic. We were using that word a lot yesterday. Why is letting Verizon make some money on the iPhone idiotic? Apple let ATT make a bag of cash by making them exclusive partners. Was that fair business?? Has it occurred to you that no carrier is everywhere? Has it occurred to you that there must be somebody on...
Little Rant: I never will understand Apple's partnership with AT&T. There such a crap company. As Jason Snell of MacWorld put it, they are a cancer on Apple's good name. I recently updated my "Mark the Spot" app that ATT wrote to let them know where their dead zones are, since they apparently have no clue without my input. The reason for the update: bug fixes to stop crashes. I thought part of the approval process for Apps was that they couldn't crash. I...
I see. So it's okay for Lord Jobs to partner with someone on their hobby but not on a "headliner product?" Wouldn't a headliner product make more money for the company than a "hobby?"
So let Verizon sell their V Cast stuff on the iPhone. What's the big deal? Apple bent and put Netflix on the Apple TV. You know what Apple's problem is? They can't partner with anyone because their CEO has delusions of Godhood.
Omg! Please! No topic gets the fan base here more up in arms than the verizon iPhone rumor!
This is a rumor site. It's purpose is to get inside information on Apple's affairs so that we can speculate on the stock.
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