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Just continuing the MS tradition of one good OS followed by an underwhelming/bad OS.
  Now which body crevice did you pull that impression out of?
  Not so in this case.  Apple's warranty and service rules can indeed be considered deficient according to Chinese law on such matters.  Chinese law requires a reset of warranty period when the customer is given a replacement product when the original was brought in for service.  The law also requires that the replacement product has to be new, not refurbished  Apple's rule does not conform to these requirements.   This is no different than European countries suing Apple...
So Apple is getting sued for insisting products sold in their App store has the lowest price. I'm kind of slow to understand how is that hurting consumers.
  If you are a long term investor and you believe in the longer term strategy of Apple, then the price drop of Apple stock is not going to be a pain for you.  In fact, you will rejoice at the fact that it's now much cheaper, and you can get nearly twice as much stocks for the same amount of money.   Whenever a company start doing things like you proposed for no other reason than to prop up the stock price, the company inevitably start on a slippery slop to long term...
"We are losing money on every unit we sell, but we'll make it up on volume" -- That's the strategy analysts like to hear.
  90% year over year to reach 18 million means last year google spent around 9-10 million.   If google spent anywhere near Apple was spending, their jump would have been 900%.
  Are you kidding?  Just a couple of years ago, none of the Chinese carriers were subsidizing iPhone, and the 3G connection doesn't work, still there were millions of iPhones on their network.  The iPhone's price is not barrier to Chinese people.  It's true that not every Chinese can afford the full price iPhone, however, the small percentage of Chinese people that can is still a larger number than a lot of market's total population.
Window 8's new interface is a confusing mess.
  Romney "helped" those companies by selling off non-performing parts, relocated manufacturing to 3rd world country, then took advantage of tax loopholes.  Let's see you come up a way to apply those strategies to help US government.
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