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Quite shure the number of ads sold by Goofle is much bigger than the iAd sales - so Apple is doomed, as usual. That is, when you count numbers (not $$), as they usually do with Android
Oh yes it is. Inner pocket of a jacket. Would make the perfect paperback replacement for me - I'd buy both sizes, one for home use (and when I plan to bring a bag) and the other for reading books + web surfing and casual website updates on the go (Wordpress)...
I could. And I'm quite shure Apple is preparing one, like a smaller & lighter "iPad Nano" or expanded "Touch".What I'd be very unshure of, however, is buying a gadget like this new Blacpad with a totally new and unproven operating system, made by a third party they've aquired (if the reports are correct). It will be interesting to see how this is going to work together with their old blacberry apps and environment. Or maybe they opt for a total, fresh "restart"?
iPhone competes with Android, iPad not yet (except for the Archos and Streak). Don't know if this has any significance...
Microsoft was accused some years ago of paying bloggers to post blogs and comments to support Vista. If someone does the same now, it could explain this obsession to post 6 comments in a row instead of just one with several quotes. More posts = more $$$. Just a thought... (So use the ignore list to stop being annoyed by this).
According to Mac1 this program has been available both for iPhone and Android. From what I could see it looked more like a video version of the face recognition in iPhoto - with the added benefit that it can be added to online sites like MobileMe. Wouldn't make me too paranoid to use it, considering the far more advanced face recognition technologies already in use by governmetns and big corps.
If you use PDF it's no problem with portrait or landscape. Portrait gives you the single page, landscape the whole spread. You can password-protect PDFs. And link to videos etc. in them. Adobe intended this to be a good platform for publishing - I think they should be able to develop it into a full-fledged subscription platform as well. (Maybe they just got too absorbed in the Flash-thingy though...?)
...so why not get a cheap bluetooth keyboard?
Another possibility: It eats into the Mac notebook sales for existing users, but at the same time attracting so many more new converts that it doesn't matter. The end result is good for the Mac world anyway.
In fact, I was quite tempted by the Galaxy Tab just because of its 7" form factor. Alas, here in Norway the price is way higher than the iPad (according to the official Samsung importer). Would like a camera but it's not a deal-breaker to me, the App store weighs more in my book. Anayway I'll wait till November and see what comes up...
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