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About copying the iPad: Just take a look. That's all. The 'copying an upcoming iPad 7"' thing is something they said at a Press conference at IFA Berlin when first presented. Don't have the link here.
True. Imagine what it would have looked like, had the iPad not been released half a year ago. Even Samsung admits they're aiming to copy a rumored 7" iPad. (Which I'd love to have myself... ;o) The WiFi-only Samsung Tab won't have access to the Addroid app store BTW (according to restrictions by Google).
I think they discontinued it even before he came back. I had one, it was really bad. 640 x 480...
Ehhmm... France is part of the EU. Norway and Switzerland are the only countries that chose not to join.
Maybe this new openness could be seen as a sign that the AT&T-Apple relationship is coming to an end. Apple doesn't have the same strong incentive to protect the cellular networks against the WIFI/VoIP competition any longer. Maybe they had some contract obligations before (or didn't want to upset AT&T too much)...
The 3G slowdown will be fixed in the 4.1 update coming i 3 days, according to all reports. The 1. generation iPhones and Touch'es are stuck on iOS 3, but that's to be expected on 3 year old hardware. Not, howevever, on 1 year old hardware...
> Originally Posted by tonton: > It's a hell of a lot easier to grow from nothing. Exactly: Operating system "A" har grown from 5 copies sold a month to 40! - WOW, that's a 800% increase! Where as sysem "B" har only grown from 1 million copies to 1.5 million - that's only 50% growth. Consequently, operating system "B" is doomed, because system "A" is growing 16 times faster than system "B"... ;o)
Of course we can. From your standpoint all mobile web browsing would be "insignificant" as it only account for 2.6% of the total web browsing. But that little percentage, and the fact that Android was "gaining" on iOS in US-only stats (albeit with skewed numbers possibly excluding the iPad and iPod Touch while including Dell Streak etc) was in fact the reason for this thread in the first place...
You're right, just look here. Mac OSX: 5%, iOS: 1.13%, Android (all versions combined): 0.2%. So Android is less than one fifth of iOS in worldwide web browsing share. Even Symbian (Nokia) is bigger with 0.27% - the same number as the iPad has alone.
> Originally Posted by krabbelen > The amount of browsing that those few iPads are doing is not insignificant.Facts: In a recent overview by NetMarketshare.com the iPad already has 0.27 % of the total browsing (worldwide), as opposed to the best-scoring Android version, 2.1, at 0.09 %. If you add Android 1.6 and 2.2, the combined result is 0.17 % - lower that the iPad alone.The numbers are here.
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