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It doesn't even make sense that Scully would be anywhere near this set or even filming at the same time these scenes were filmed.  Given that he appears to be an older character my guess would be Ronald Wayne???
Anyone have one of these and think the audio quality over HDMI isn't great? I can't tell if I have a lemon or not, but my unit outputs way to much treble and not enough bass. Compared to my previous 1st Gen Apple TV, and the Cable box that are hooked directly into my TV (I don't have an audio system) the audio quality isn't great. -kap
I dunno, Giamatti should actually play the Woz.-kap
Not going to happen. Apple still hasn't technically said the phone is flawed, only that many phones can be affected by signal attenuation. To release an updated phone would essentially be admitting the phone was flawed or defective, and they'd likely have to replace the phones of everyone who previously bought one and wants the "fixed" model. -kap
New Posts  All Forums: