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Only in America can a dead black guy go on trial for his own murder.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hands Sandon  Ever heard of" innocent until proven guilty"? It's normal that journalists don't use stronger language. The two main plotters of this attack both received life sentences. Using extremely dangerous, liquid explosives, 10 massive airliners blown up, possibly over American cities, I'd say that's worth stopping, and the agencies must have the tools to do it.     Do you honestly believe this? I do realize that some people are under...
    Rogue elements within the US government are using "2nd hand terrorism" (with the complicity of the cowardly corporate media in full kneepad mode) to violate the rights of US citizens by flagrantly breaching the Bill of Rights, most especially the 4th Amendment. They are playing the terrorism card to the max, despite the fact that the chances of anyone being involved in a terrorist attack is less than that of drowning in the bathtub, dying from a bee sting, or being...
  Hopey Changey?   Ha!     As if! No chance.
  We Americans are (now) too apathetic, locked into tradition, scared/terrorized, distracted and in obeisance to authority, to allow people power to work. We voluntarily gave up our real independence decades ago.
  Oops... agreed 100%. Pickiness is essential in sound, complete science. My awkward phrasing. 
Very true. Climate = "weather averaged over the long term".   It is scientifically fallacious to attribute any specific weather event to planetary heating/climate change; there is often commentary in the mainstream media with the implication " ...caused by global warming....". However, a heating planet will permit greater latent heat energy in the atmosphere (warmer air can carry more water vapor, and hence release more energy on condensation), resulting in an increased...
All this fashionable talk of the "free market", but is there really a example of such? I have never seen one... not even my local farmers' market lives up to this utopian ideal. The use of the phrase seems more of a (psychologically slanted) ploy to get the masses to equate/knee-jerk capitalism with freedom/liberty. 
  "The West wants to spread democracy". Surely you don't believe the baseless rhetoric that perpetually emanates from the mouths of politicians and spread by the complicit corporate media weasels and knee-padders?  Examples please? Mali doesn't count!    The West, most especially the US government - has a far more extensive history of wrecking democracies and/or installing/supporting malleable dictators, thugs autocrats and monarchs. Here's a list of examples in recent...
Power players traditionally arms both sides, and let them fight it out between them - the usual old Macchiavellian scheming. Its about profit and control, while the puppet-masters sit back and get fat and rich.
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