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Bush and company knew these people were innocent. Yet they were promoted by the entire US/UK establishment as the "cream of Al Qaida" the ones who "attacked us", and all that garbage. These are people, some 700+ who were locked up in the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp, some now for more than 8 years, many tortured, some died in custody either by killing themselves, or at the hands of thugs in the employ of the US Government.There are still almost 200 people at...
It would be hell on earth. Just as you were familiarizing yourself with "government", the next day it would be (nominally) "upgraded" and you'd have to start over from scratch.
No, Broken Country, SDW... We need to get it fixed.
You're either with US, or you're with the insurance companies. With 40,000 lobbyists on their side, and none for the people, its obvious which way this was going to go.
If you want decent white noise, get a good analog noise generator and keep the signal path in the analog domain throughout. You could build one for $10.00 worth of parts from any decent electronic component store (forget Radio Shack). Much easier on the ears... digital noise generators don't cut it (for me anyway)... even on most top-end software synth plug ins. The Kyma sound design workstation has an incredibly smooth sounding digital noise generator, as good as any...
Bush Administration policies? How about a pair of illegal, trillion dollar wars started on the basis of lies, which the Obama administration is ramping up and expanding? How about a general framing of the world's entire Muslim community as "inferior humans and terrorists", an idea started by the Israeli-stacked neoconservative element in the Bush administration and pursued with glee by the US corporate media for the last 8 years, right to to this day and probably into...
Yes, I have brought this up on previous threads.. I was just trying to get an explanation from a Christian... someone who believes that Ussher's "begathematics" reflected reality.
Undoubtedly. And there is no mention of it in the Bible. What is the obsession that "Christians" have about the Earth being 6000 years old? Whose word, or belief system are they following as regards this, and other nonsensical fundamentalist "Tourettisms"?
Can any Christians, either the rare genuine ones, or the huge majority who use it as a "flag of convenience" point me to a Biblical quote where Jesus, or Paul, or any of the other luminaries of their belief system state that "the Earth is either 6,000, or 10,000 years young?
99.99%_+ human beings, regardless of political leaning, have feelings... concepts as ethics, common decency, humanitarianism, the need for community, feelings of guilt etc. etc. etc. The political right have been pushing the "corporate personhood" issue very hard as a way of imposing sociopathic and even psychopathic political decisions by proxy. Corporations have all (if not more than) the rights of individuals, but are not burdened with the responsibilities that...
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