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Way back in the day, I was testing regular MP3 codecs along with Apple's AAC and then at the time what was Nero's implementation of AAC. At 128kbps Apple's codec sounded the best and I haven't looked back since. I encode CDs at a VBR with a 256 cap, much like the $1.29 iTunes tracks, and it all sounds great!
Yes, an iris scanner. Maybe they'll add that to their already dumb as hell watch ad, where the idiot with phone in hand, instead of answering the phone, turns it away and answers with the watch. So intuitive! Why answer the phone in your hand with the actual phone? Perhaps the new ad will show the same idiot answering with the watch and then turning the phone back to his face to scan for final confirmation, and then going back to talking on the watch. Ugh, these people are...
Wait, Apple wasn't using Gorilla glass 3.0? :-O
After Jobs' passing I don't know that we have heard enough about how bitchy fund managers will work to undermine the company. These idiots with only an eye for short term payouts add an unneeded stress around an otherwise stellar company in terms of its economic engine.
Well, holy crap! Apple seems to be getting off of their ridiculously overpriced upgrades, particularly around the RAM and SSD capacity.
I'm gonna guess that that iPhone Math maybe the product of either a translation error and/or some poor schmuck with a heavy lisp. lol See? iPhone Max becomes iPhone Math, eathy ath pie!
So these tech folks at CES don't care that this thing is fugly as hell? If Apple heads in this direction, Ive will kill this design in his sleep! Imagine a watch called a pebble that actually looks as though its inspired by a pebble!!!
Time will tell. FWIW, for security purposes it would seem Apple's implementation of visual barcodes, scannable with current equipment to make payments seems more secure than the NFC devices. We already have phones being hacked left and right and it would seem that the NFC equipment is just ripe for the picking. A quick transient bar code that is only accessible via a visual scan might mitigate that issue nicely. e.g., You have the device with you and need to wave it in...
Yeah, I don't get it. To say that simply because you are a large company with the majority of marketshare means that you can take the hit just seems ridiculous. As much as I don't want a monopoly, if the technology is patented and designed by someone else, credit is due where it has been earned. Apple has obviously lost marketshare in the smartphone segment by and large due to Android rip-offs who couldn't think up their own metaphors for a touch-based UI. If you liken...
Correction, Apple "needs" quad core ARM chips when they don't kill the battery life and hence reduce the user experience with their devices. Much like 4G, apple wouldn't go there unless the tech was ready for general use. The early 4G droid adopters were running amok ranting about how Apple didn't have 4G, all the while draining their batteries in 2 hours.
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