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@dequardo:   Wow.   Given that you are obviously and expert in this space, please provide links to your most recent work and analysis so that we can be enlightened.  I look forward to reading your exhaustive and detailed analysis of this marketplace.   The links?
Bravo, DED! Excellent article summarizing much of what was in the back of my head over the year. Given this is a grand game of chess, I can't help but think how many of these competitors have undergone a sobering review of their plans (in much the same way that you've performed the gap analysis) and adjusted their plans accordingly?
Just did my part and picked up a new 27" iMac with 16GB RAM and a 1TB Fusion drive for the family. Let's hope for a nice YoY bump this year. Stock performance has been encouraging lately...
Been running Mavericks for nearly 24-hours without a hiccup. Very solid release from my perspective, and the multi-screen improvements are quite welcome.
As a shareholder, I fully appreciate and support the construction of this amazing piece of architecture, and its supporting campus. As @hydrogen said, Steve is the Prometheus of modern times, and this is one of his greatest monuments.
I am definitely anticipating an update on the Airport Express to 802.11ac. Apple, I'm ready to throw some money your way...
Absolutely beautiful architecture. I'm very excited to see this structure built and used.
Expensive? Yes. But, I'm sure I can swing replacement of all six of my smoke detectors over a period of a year without breaking too much sweat. I'm definitely looking forward to no more chirping or false alarms, especially when a spider decides to make a nest near the sensor.
Here we go! Looking forward to it!
How. Freaking. Ridiculous.
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